Spt Hepa Air Purifier Review

Spt Hepa Air Purifier with Ion Flow TechnologyAre you the one who is facing the problem of low-grade air quality and fed up off that unpleasant misty odor and unhealthy nasty feeling when you are being home? Are your kids having breathing difficulties with sudden midnight bouts of allergic cough and rhinitis? If the answer is yes, then it’s high time for you to look out for an air purifier. Air purifier is an efficient house-hold appliance to save you from getting into a miserable situation and to help you live a normal healthy life by purifying your home air off air borne particles, pathogens, microorganisms, allergens, smoke toxins, pet dander and fur, and even viruses and let you experience the cozy comfortable feeling of being home with cleaner, fresher, and soother indoors.

Pros & Cons:

Being equipped with 5 different types of filters Pre-Filter + Antibacterial Pre-Filter + HEPA + Activated Carbon + TiO2 (photo-catalyst titanium dioxide) + UV light + Ion Flow Technology for filtering out various sorts of contaminants from indoor circulating air, the device showcases the modern age technological advancement in keeping your indoors healthier and cleaner.

Pre-Filter: Captures the larger particles to enhance the durability and performance of the other filters.

Anti-Bacterial Pre-Filter: First stage of capturing and removing bacteria and microorganisms.

HEPA filter: A high-efficiency air filter that captures 99.5% of airborne pollutant particles as small as 0.3 microns, including spores, pollen, mold, pet dander and dust.

Activated Carbon Filter: Helps remove household odors.

TiO2 (Titanium Oxide) Filter + UV: Photo catalytic oxidation is achieved when UV ray combines with a TiO2-coated filter. This process creates hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions, which are highly reactive electrons. These electrons aggressively combine with other elements in the air, such as bacteria and volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are harmful pollutants. Once bound together, the chemical reaction takes place between the super-charged ion and the pollutant, effectively “oxidizing” or burning the pollutant. This breaks the pollutant down into harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules.

UV Light: Sterilizes the air by breaking down microorganisms, such as germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, etc. Effectively destroys the nucleic acids in these microorganisms so their DNA is disrupted and destroyed.

Ion Flow: Generates negative ions to attract particles, such as dust, pollen and many other allergens, which are positively charged. Once bonded, the particles become heavy and falls to the ground and out of your respiratory system.

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