PerfectAire 50pt Dehumidifier, PAD50 Review

PerfectAire PAD50A dehumidifier is a house-hold appliance used to reduce the excess humidity levels indoors. The normal humidity level in the air should be around 30% to 50%. Excessive humidity causes dampness and moisture on the interiors making a favorable resort for various pathogens to breed on contaminating the air quality leading to allergic outbursts, especially, in allergy-prone people and kids.

Pros & Cons:
The dehumidifier removes up to 50 pints of moisture on a daily basis and steadily maintains the optimum humidity level efficiently. The free mobility and ease of operation make this dehumidifier a convenient user-friendly modern-age house-hold appliance. The easy-on-pocketbook price of the device and high-quality performance make it an affluent package for domestic use.

Installing an efficient dehumidifier will help you tackle this problem and maintains adequately dry, healthy, and comfortable indoors. PerfectAire 50pt Dehumidifier, PAD50 is a 50 pint dehumidifier ideal for domestic indoor use and garage purposes. The product is highly efficient in terms of extracting moisture from the air maintaining an optimum level of humidity, thereby keeping your worries of dampness and moisture at bay.

High level of humidity also causes damage to your furniture and flooring besides having ill effects on your health. With the launch of PerfectAire 50pt Dehumidifier, PAD50 maintaining a healthy lifestyle with comfortable drier interiors is not a dream any longer. The device is a high quality efficient dehumidifier available at pocket-friendly price. The unit extracts up to 50 pints of moisture from the surrounding and empties it into the in-built storage bucket in the form of water which can be easily emptied as the dehumidifier itself notifies you about it through the bucket fill indicator feature.

Additionally, the PerfectAire 50pt Dehumidifier also comes with a direct-to-drain hose access and offers you the convenience of easily draining the water directly into the floor drain. Besides this, this energy efficient device saves electricity and shuts off automatically once the desired humidity level is achieved. With auto-shut off and restart feature, the device constantly maintains an adequate level of moisture in the surroundings and keeps your indoors drier and healthier.

With dimensions of 11 x 15.2 x 23 inches ; 36 pounds and shipping weight of not more than 40 pounds, the device can be moved easily from one room to other with the aid of smooth caster wheels and lets you enjoy its incredibly efficient features anywhere be it living room, bedroom, dining area, or even kitchen. With the elegance involved in the designing of the device, the unit enhances the look and beauty of the surroundings by aesthetically blending with the interiors. As compared to the previous models, the new PerfectAire 50pt Dehumidifier, PAD50 offers quieter operations and works efficiently and quietly even when running on a turbo fan speed.

The PerfectAire 50pt Dehumidifier, PAD50 is one of its kinds in the range of high-quality dehumidifiers at a reasonable pocket friendly price. It can be used in any room of the house where moisture and dampness are the main issues. The device works like a hog in effectively removing the dampness and reaching the desired level of humidity within hours or so. Easy installation and trouble-free operations of the unit offers convenient end-user experience. All you need to do is to just pull it out from the box, adjust the tub float, plug it in, set the humidity setting and fan speed, and feel a more comfortable humidity level in just a matter of 2 to 3 hours. Surprisingly, the dehumidifier reaches the relative humidity level of 50% from the starting point of 80% within a matter of just 3 hours and that too at normal fan speed. The noiseless working mode of the device helps you enjoy the the cozy feeling of being home that you long for after a long hectic day at work.

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