Homedics Oscillating Tower Hepa Air Cleaner Review

Homedics Oscillating Tower Hepa Air Cleaner ReviewKeeping the indoors clean and healthy are the most important aspects of healthy comfortable living. Choosing an air cleaner to upgrade indoor air quality is not only difficult but time taking too as the markets are laden up with countless number of air purifying devices. So, to help you tackle this problem of buying the best, we at www.browngoodstalk.com try to review some of the best small home and kitchen appliances that not only meet your expectations but fit your bill as well.

Pros & Cons:
Cleans the air with 99% removal of air borne allergens and contaminants. Whisper-quiet smooth operations for a comfortable feeling indoors. Long-lasting hypoallergenic HEPA filter. Easy-to-use LED display and controls. Timer feature and 3 speed air cleaning settings for convenient end-use experience. With height close to almost 30 inches, this tower oscillating HEPA air purifier is difficult to hide away from one’s vision, but as the device is elegant and sleek in appearance, it matches well with any modern home settings and doesn’t need to be hidden behind.

Homedics Oscillating Tower Hepa Air Cleaner is one such air purifying device ideal for domestic use offered by Homedics for cleaning the indoor air off any allergen, dust, pathogens, and odors and gives you a clean feel all the time.

With clean air delivery rate of 120, this tower oscillating air purifier is ideal to purify the air of a medium sized to large rooms. The durable and efficient hypoallergenic HEPA filter of the device effectively removes up to 99% air borne contaminants including pollen, smoke, and dust.

Being provided with revolutionary whisper-quiet motorized oscillation, the Homedics Oscillating Tower Hepa Air Cleaner offers noiseless operations. The LED backlit display with easy-to-use controls offer smooth and convenient end-user experience.

With dimensions of 28.2 x 11.6 x 9.5 inches and weight of not more than 12.5 pounds, Homedics Oscillating Tower Hepa Air Cleaner can be kept in any corner of a room for a fresh, clean, and comfortable feeling of being home. The device has 3 air cleaning speed options for setting it manually depending on your purifying needs. Being equipped with timer control, the device can be set for up to 12 hours according to your convenience.

The device is ideal as far as efficiency and pricing is concerned. It is surprising to get all the features of timer control, air cleaning speed settings, and long-lasting HEPA filter in a device which doesn’t break your bank. All in all, Homedics Oscillating Tower Hepa Air Cleaner is an affluent package to fulfill all your domestic needs of maintaining disease-free, healthy, and fresh indoors.

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