Waring Pro CO1600WR Convection Oven Review

 Waring Pro CO1600WR Convection Oven ReviewBaking is the most versatile option of experimenting with all sorts of ingredients in your kitchen. You can makes cookies, muffins, breads, buns, pies, tarts, and so more using a modern age convection oven, and just think if your convection oven has the options of broiling, rotisserie, and roasting besides baking and convection baking, isn’t it interesting. Things become more fascinating, if you are a kitchen person and love experiencing the magical power of relaxation while cooking with versatility.

Pros & Cons:
Highly powerful convection oven with additional features of broiling, roasting, and rotisserie. Easy dial control knobs for selecting, time, temperature, and function with indicator lights. Big-sized cooking chamber for commercial purposes besides domestic use. Durable stainless steel finish with PTFE and PFOA free interiors for healthy and safe cooking. The oven offers a wide temperature selection range from 150 degree F to 500 degree F. The minor negative is that the oven takes a good half an hour to reach and maintain the highest temperature of 450 to 500 degrees.

So, to let you explore your creativity and flaunt your cooking abilities, Waring Pro CO1600WR Convection Oven is here for making the most delicious and mouthwatering food preparation to enjoy with your family and friends.

The Waring Pro CO1600WR Convection Oven is a 1700 watts power device with 1.5 cubic feet of cooking capacity and 4 shelf positions. The oven is a modern age convection or fan-assisted oven for maintaining a uniform cooking temperature throughout the cooking cavity for evenly baked or cooked results. Easy manual controls and ready and power indicator lights of the device offer hassle-free end-user experience.

The oven is provided with 3 heating elements: one with the fan for pure convection and one on the top and bottom for broil, roast, bake, and rotisserie. The oven is provided with a 120 minute timer and accommodates a half-size sheet pan. The Waring Pro CO1600WR Convection Oven is PTFE and PFOA free cooking device and doesn’t pose any long-term health hazard as it happens with nonstick coated cooking chambers.

With dimensions of 21.8 x 23.2 x 14 inches and weight of not more than 55.2 pounds, the oven is a perfect countertop convection oven. The device offers a generously big cooking capacity of 1.5 cubic feet for domestic as well as commercial usage. The robust brushed stainless steel housing and interiors of the oven make cleaning easier. The kit includes all the necessary accessories of 2 wire racks, stainless steel baking pan, rotisserie skewers, rotisserie spit and a handgrip to start with your Waring Pro CO1600WR Convection Oven .

Baked goodies can mesmerize even the most fault finding food eaters. The aroma of freshly baked bread and cake awakens your senses and tantalizes your taste buds with the exotic flavors of various ingredients used while baking. Waring Pro CO1600WR Convection Oven is a modern-age hassle-free convection oven with the additional features of broil, roast, and rotisserie to enjoy delightful home-made family treats. This big-sized commercial grade oven with inside dimensions of approximately 17 inches Wide x 11 inches High x 13.5 inches Deep can easily cook a 15 lbs and even larger turkey and 2 decent sized chicken roasts in one go. You can please your guests with a variety of food preparations made exclusively in your very own Waring Pro CO1600WR Convection Oven with ease. Now, you can have more family get-together and gossips sessions with friends. The oven is a bit pricey, but justifies its cost with all the essential features of cooking, accurate results, heavy duty commercial-grade construction, and easy time and temperature control.

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