George Foreman GRP360R 360 Grill Review

George Foreman GRP360R 4 Serving Removable Plate 360 GrillGrilled goodies have always been the most cherished among various household recipes that a family can enjoy together. Grilling can be more fun and a healthy culinary experience, if done on a George Foreman grill. The George Foreman lineup provides a wide range of grill, and you can choose the one you like, depending on your requirement and budget.

Pros & Cons:
Reduces almost 42% of fat from the food offering a tasty yet healthy food. Special cooking technique with tough nonstick coating, patented sloped design, signature heating element, and floating hinge. Simple upkeep with impressive cleaning mechanism. User-friendly controls with ready to use indicator lights. Though the rugged nonstick cooking grids are unaffected, the exterior paint coating of the metallic surface wipes off during heavy dishwasher cycle, in some cases. It is better to avoid heavy dishwashing to keep your device maintained and flawless in appearance for a long-term use.

As the brand name associated with former boxer and heavyweight champion George Foreman, the lineup offers a huge selection of indoor/outdoor grills with signature George Foreman heating elements for even heating throughout the grilled surface and patented slopped and ribbed cooking grids for extracting excess grease while cooking offering a healthy fat-free produce. George Foreman GRP360R 360 Grill is the latest in the range of indoor electric grills of the George Foreman lineup and is gaining popularity due to its enhanced features and easy affordability.

Lean-mean fat-reducing grilling machine, the world famous tagline of the revolutionary George Foreman lineup is truly justified for this latest addition as well. The George Foreman GRP360R 360 Grill is a step ahead in providing fat-free grilled goodies with patented slope design that drips away all the fat into the included drip tray while the food is being cooked. The 80 square inch cooking surface of the grill is ideal for making 2 complete meals at a time and can cook 4 servings of fresh or frozen grilled goodies in one go. So, enjoy a perfect meal for 2 with your partner, and no worries if someone drops by, as the grill offers plenty of cooking space, in case, you need to cook a bit more.

The grill reduces almost 42% fat from the food and doesn’t require any additional cooking oil for cooking. The signature George Foreman electric heating element and 10x more durable and scratch resistant GeorgeToughTM nonstick coating provides even cooking and easy release without any remnants of food left on the grilling surface. Being equipped with a floating hinge, the cooking grids can be adjusted to accommodate all sorts of foods, no matter, a big pork chip, rib eye steaks, or even large sized hamburgers.

The easily detachable ribbed grilling grids are dishwasher safe and make cleaning a breeze. The power indicator lights of the device offer easy trouble-free operation, and you can effortlessly transform a raw product into a succulent mouthwatering fat-free grilled delight in a matter of minutes even if you are an amateur cook. With dimensions of 5.5 x 11.5 x 12.5 inches; 6 pounds and shipping weight of not more than 8 pounds, the device is handy and safe enough to be accommodated at the kitchen platform. The attractive metallic finish of the device easily blends with any modern-age kitchen theme and gives an aesthetic sense to the counter-top area.

Health and taste go hand in hand with George Foreman Grills, and GRP360R 360 Grill is the latest in the range of these lean mean fat-reducing grilling machines. The device is an affluent package with all the best features incorporated at a pocket-friendly price. Though nothing happens to the grilling surface, the minor paint wipe off from the metallic housing that happens during rugged cleaning procedures can be avoided by simply cleaning the exteriors manually with soft sponge and mild soapy liquid. This tiny flaw can’t affect the overall rating of the device and is negligible in comparison of the incredible features that George Foreman GRP360R 360 Grill offers at such an unbelievable exceptionally reasonable price tag.

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