Benchmark 62010 10 Dog Roller Grill Review

Hotdogs are famous all across the world. This traditional on-the-go snack is one of the favorite foods that Americans love and enjoy. You can find hotdogs in any of the roadside eateries or food stalls and corners that serve on-the-go food items including pizzas, burgers, and so more.

Benchmark 62010 10 Dog Roller Grill

It’s difficult to resist a perfectly grilled hotdog with a dash of yummy finger-licking cheese or mustard sauce topping. So, if you’re a hotdog lover why not grill your own hotdogs at home. Yes, now it’s possible. via Amazon

Though designed for commercial purposes, Benchmark 62010 a 10 hotdog roller grill can serve as a domestic hotdog machine as well.

This hotdog griller comes in 3 models and you can choose one depending on your requirement. While the basic model grills 10 hotdogs at a time, the advanced models are designed to cook 20 and 30 sausage sandwiches in a go. Ideally designed for commercial use, the device boasts stainless steel housing with nonstick stainless steel dog rollers. Interestingly, the unit offers 360 degree roller rotation and insures perfectly cooked hotdogs each time.

The most distinctive safety and durability measures that are common in all the 3 models are – High torque motor, front and rear heat controller for cooking and holding, and optional sneeze guards and dry bun boxes that are available for all the 3 models, and the most satisfying factor is that these grillers are covered by Benchmark USA’s exclusive 3-year warranty to take your worries of service and repair at bay.

Benchmark 62010 10 Dog Roller Grill
With dimensions of 8 x 13 x 16 inches and weight of not more than 15 pounds, the device accommodates any size of hotdogs and many sausages, and breakfast links.

Not only this, these roller grills are easy to use and work with just a switch of a button while the dial control knob offers quick and convenient heat setting. The unit comes with a detachable drip tray for collecting grease and non-stick easy to clean stainless steel rollers (in all 3 models) that make cleaning a breeze. The adjustable thermostat of these dog grillers results optimally cooked food in all cooking conditions

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