Salton JE1372PL Low Speed Juicer and Smoothie Maker Review

Juices and smoothies are healthy treats that you can indulge on any time without worrying about unnecessary calorie consumption.

As we all know centrifugal juicers are the cheap alternatives of making your favorite smoothie or a juicy delight, many a times the high speed of the juicing device kills the essential nutrients and enzymes of the juicing raw produces including fruits, vegetables, and greens and what you get is a mere concoction that lacks both taste, texture, and nutrients.

Salton JE1372PL Low Speed Juicer and Smoothie Maker

Salton slow masticating juicer is one such low speed juice extractor and smoothie maker that works on low-speed technology to give you deliciously healthy juicy delights each time. via Amazon

While centrifugal juicers typically operates at 1000 to 24,000 rpm of speed, Salton works at a low speed of 80 to 90 rpm without damaging the cell structure of the fruits and vegetables and keeps the enzymes, nutrients, and vitamins of the raw products intact.

The double-edged auger of the device extracts juice by mastication and slowly squeezing the juice out as it happens when you juice the fruit using a mortar and pestle, against the high-speed centrifugal juicing devices that cuts and damages the raw products.

The device is robust, easy to work with, and juices all types of fruits and vegetables including ginger stem, carrots, turnips, all sorts of greens including Kale and wheat grass and offers juices and smoothies rich in taste and laden with all the essential vitamins and enzymes with no loss of nutrients.

Salton JE1372PL Low Speed Juicer and Smoothie Maker
To customer's delight, the comes with 2 strainers, one for juicing and one for making smoothies, pulp container, smoothie container, food pusher, and a cleaning brush. The hassle-free sealable spout of the device makes juicing a fun ride without creating any mess. With dimensions of 15.8 x 13.5 x 10 inches and weight of not more than 11.5 pounds, the juicing unit can be easily accommodated on the kitchen countertop.

And the important point is that this slow masticating juicer doesn’t break your banks while other juicers costs high on your pocket, you can have Salton cold press juice extractor at comparatively lesser price with same benefits. All in all, the best juicer for any juice lover.

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