Omega VRT370HDS Low Speed Juicer Review

Omega VRT370HDS Low Speed Juicing SystemJuices and smoothies are the best way to keep you healthy. Being rich in nutrients, juices are the best option in a way to cut down high calorie intake and help you initiate your long-term weight loss program.

Pros & Cons:
Slow speed masticating juicer that works at just 80 rpm and makes healthy juices keeping the nutrients and enzymes of fruits and vegetables intact. Slow juicing offers quieter operations. Compact vertical design with built-in handle offers easy handling. Although, the juicer is easy to assemble and disassemble, the first assembly is a bit tricky, so do not force anything. Look for alignment on the parts and second time it will be a breeze for you.

Whether you are opting for a juice diet or simply incorporating healthy juices and smoothies in your normal diet, one basic thing you require is a perfect juicer that keeps the healthy nutrient content of fruits and vegetables intact while being juiced. Omega VRT370HDS is a low speeding juicer that works at a low speed of 80 rpm keeping the healthy enzymes and nutrients of fruits and vegetables undestroyed in the juice form offering you a healthy tasty juicy delight.

As the juicer operates at a low speed of about 80 rpm, it doesn’t permit any oxidation of the healthy enzymes and keeps the juices fresh for up to 72 hours without any nutrient degradation. The innovative auto cleaning feature of the device keeps the screen clean while juicing and saves after juicing cleaning time. The juice flaps of Omega VRT370HDS Low Speed Juicing System help mixing various juices while making mocktails, and slow squeezing offers quiet operations.

The juicer effectively juices ginger root and wheat grass with high yield and with the fiber content intact. The heavy duty juicing screen and auger of the device add more efficiency and productivity to it. The built in handle offers easy handling and the reverse mode offers a smooth juicing experience preventing any food getting stuck in the device. The larger feed chute of the Omega VRT370HDS Low Speed Juicing System saves pre-juicing cutting and slicing time, and automatic pulp ejection feature let you juice continuously effortlessly.

The Omega VRT370HDS Low Speed Juicing System is a vertical standing compact slow speed masticating juicer that measures just 8.2 x 7 in length and breadth with a height of 17.8 inches and weight of only 12.5 pounds. The dimensions and design of the juicer are just perfect for a counter top or tabletop placement occupying least space in your kitchen area. The device is UL certified for household usage.

The most important aspect of making healthy juices is to keep their nutrition intake. Most juicers work at a high speed of about 1650 to 16,000 rpm, destroying many healthy enzymes and nutrients and the juices tend to degrade soon after extraction, hence doesn’t serve the purpose of fulfilling your daily nourishment. The Omega VRT370HDS Low Speed Juicing System works at a low speed of 80 rpm thereby keeping all the benefits of juices intake in the form of healthy nutrients, vitamins, and fibers making your juice diet a wonderful weight loss regime. The easy usage and breeze cleaning feature of the device add more to the contemporary styling and technology of the device making it a must have product for any health conscious individual.

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