Breville Quick Touch Crisp, BMO700BSS Microwave Review

Can you imagine your life without a microwave? Well, No. Over the period of time, microwaves have become the heart and soul of any modern-aged kitchen. Microwaves have evolved a lot in the past few decades. From basic reheating devices to smart cooking appliances, microwaves are now considered at multiutility appliances.

Today, you will get to know about one more such amazingly smart cooking unit and that is Breville Quick Touch Crisp, BMO700BSS microwave.

This microwave is in the class of its own. Though it comes with only 900 watts of cooking power, it does some amazing things to your food. It not only reheats and defrosts leftovers and frozen items but cooks exceptionally well. It can be the new centre of all your kitchen cooking needs.

With smart technology, the Breville Quick Touch Crisp, BMO700BSS takes the guesswork out of cooking and sets power level and time to suit what is being cooked. It automatically switches to grill function as and when needed. This results in crispier and tastier and browner food.

The microwave boasts a 1000 watts of grill element, Smart Cook/Grill, Reheat and defrost settings for a variety of food options with 8 shortcut functions and one-touch auto function.

With dimensions of 16.8 x 20.1 x 12.3 inches and weight of no more than 35.2 lbs, the unit has polished stainless steel body for enhanced durability. Child lock and easy to open front door add more the safe and secure end-user experience.

The most adorable feature of the microwave is the A Bit More function which adds additional time at right power level to the cooking cycle. One more important element is the preheat pan function. You can heat up your pan even before the cooking starts. This brings in more taste and results in even cooking and browning. To customer’s delight, the unit with a non-stick crisper pan.

Pros and Cons

Easy to use smart high-end microwave with inverter technology. Solid polished stainless-steel body. Ideal for cooking any sort of food item. Child lock safety feature. 1000 watts grilling element. The only glitch is the 900 watts of power. This power is a little low for cooking frozen dinners, however, if you’re cooking fresh vegetables and poultry, you won’t be disappointed and the 900 watts seems just optimum coupled with the grilling function of the unit.

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