Magic Chef MCD1310ST 1.3 cu.ft. Microwave Review

Magic Chef MCD1310ST 1.3 cu.ft. Microwave ReviewA well-known fact is that microwaves are boon to the kitchen industry and especially to the domestic users. With ever increasing demand, microwaves will never go out of trend. And the fact is that small kitchen appliance making companies are determined in making more advanced and high-tech models of microwaves. So, microwaves are going to stay here for a longer period of time.

Magic Chef MCD1210ST is one such progressively designed microwave to help customers enjoy the comforts of convenience cooking. The fascinating thing about Magic Chef MCD is that it is an all stainless steel appliance. The front, the cabinet, the cavity are all made up of rust-resistant durable stainless steel. Some of the other key features include one-touch auto cook menu and auto defrost. The unit defrosts frozen foods such as raw meat, pizzas, and other food items conveniently. It gives you the flexibility of selecting time and power level for defrosting a variety of food items.

With 1000 watts of high cooking power and 10 power levels, the device cooks food at an optimum temperature resulting in uniform and tastier cooking. Kitchen timer offers smooth cooking operations while child-safety lock rules out any unsupervised child usage.

With dimensions of 18.5 x 22 x 13.5 inches and weight of no more than 41.2 pounds, the Magic Chef MCD1310ST microwave boasts a spacious 1.3 cubic feet cooking cavity. Stainless steel exterior and interior make clean up easy and cooking convenient.

According to me, the most interesting feature of the microwave is its stainless steel construction. You all know what hazardous threats nonstick Teflon coating poses to mankind. With Magic Chef in your kitchen, you can keep your health worries at bay and enjoy the smooth and healthy cooking. I also liked the opening handle of the device. Though there are many of you who would like button opening, I personally prefer to use handle opening because, to me, a handle is a more efficient way to open the door. Besides this, the unit is quiet, the interior light is bright enough to give a clear view of food cooking inside, and its size is just perfect for a family of two to four. All in all, an efficient countertop microwave oven that just does the thing.


Stainless steel construction

Spacious cooking cavity.

1000 watts of high power

10 power levels

Auto cook and auto defrost

Kitchen timer and child safety lock


Not a con but users who are used to of cleaning nonstick interiors would need to get adjust themselves for stainless steel interior cleaning. I think the best way to clean the steel interiors is to just give them a simple wipe off with a kitchen towel after each use, but overall, this microwave is the best stainless steel microwave I have seen till date.

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  1. I have the MCD1310ST and agree with the nice bar handle and wrap around stainless steel outer. Cleaning is easy and here’s how. Take a wet wash rag and put two caps of Lemon juice on it. Now, on high for 3 minutes, it will steam the inside, wait a few minutes, use a glove if needed, but you will find every tiny baked-on but will wipe right off. You will shocked how easy it is, plus it has a nice smell. Done in 8-9 minutes. Don’t forget to remove the rotating glass tray to clean the wheels and track area to help it last is you have enamel under it.

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