Amana Commercial HDC12A2 Heavy-Duty Microwave Oven Review

Amana Commercial HDC12A2 Heavy-Duty Microwave Oven, 1200 wattsIf you are looking for a heavy duty microwave oven for your restaurant or a device that is commercial grade yet can be used as a domestic appliance as well, I bet you won’t find anything better than Amana Commercial HDC12A2 Heavy-Duty Microwave Oven.

This is one of the few made in USA microwave ovens left out there to grab if you’re not sure about Chinese products quality-wise.

Amana is a well known commercial appliance manufacturing brand of the United States. The name Amana is always found to be associated with quality and affordability, and this brute device is no exception.

With 1200 watts of high cooking power, this stainless steel microwave oven provides a robust and solid construction. The interiors are made up of heavy duty stainless steel instead of hazardous Teflon coating.

The microwave oven features all kinds of typical microwave oven functions and is highly versatile when it comes to different modes of cooking.

The microwave is easy to use with 1 to 10 push button keypad on the top. The most interesting feature of Amana Commercial HDC12A2 Heavy-Duty Microwave Oven is that it doesn’t have any glass turn table and its interior are so easy to clean that even an elderly person can use this giant device without needing any assistance.

With dimensions of 20.87 x 21.62 x 16.5 inches and a shipping weight of 65 pounds, the microwave offers an extra large cooking cavity and can easily fit a regular Corelle 10 ¾ inches of a plate with plenty of room to spare. The door is sturdy and beefy and opens up by simply pulling it.

The microwave boasts a high-tech convection cooking technology and cooks and bakes food uniformly without any hassles. Though the microwave oven is designed for the commercial purpose, the easy usage and versatility make it an ideal appliance for domestic use as well. All in all, a sturdily built commercial microwave oven that can also be used for home use and is ideal for seniors also. The only thing that bothers to customers is the microwave’s high price. 800$ plus is something that can’t be justified for a countertop microwave oven. But, then given the distinctive features of the device, the heavy price tag is somehow justified if you’re looking something as sturdy and dependable as Amana appliances.

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