Westinghouse WCM16100W Microwave Oven Review

Simplicity of operations and versatile usage are the 2 factors that make microwave oven an essential appliance in virtually every household.

Big or small depending upon your need, you can choose any of the microwaves to experience the pleasures of convenience cooking.

Westinghouse WCM16100W Microwave Oven

Westinghouse is one such kitchen appliance manufacturing giant that has come up with varied range and sizes of microwave ovens. Westinghouse microwave ovens range from small 1.1 cubic feet devices to bigger microwaves of up to 2.2 cubic feet in size. via Amazon

Westinghouse WCM16100SS is a 1.6 cubic feet microwave oven that is ideal for large families and good for preparing larger meal items.

Key Features:
Be it cooking a large turkey breast or reheating a food casserole for your potluck dinner party, Westinghouse 1.6 cubic feet microwave, equipped with 1000 watts of cooking power, does everything with ease and with perfection.

Easy to read green-lit LED display that reflects both clock and timer makes cooking a fun ride even for beginners. The device offers smooth and safe operations and the child-lock safety feature gives you a much needed peace of mind.

With dimensions of 12.24 x 18.81 x 21.8 inches and weight of not more than 42.53 pounds, the device can be easily accommodated on your kitchen countertop. Classy white colored look and touch button control panel blend well with the modern-aged interiors of your house and add more to the aesthetics of your kitchen or any of your room, no matter where the device is placed. Lemon, soda bicarbonate, or simply a solution of dishwashing liquid in water would do the trick and make the interiors of your device crystal clean.

The microwave oven is ideal for domestic usage but not very intuitive for elders as it works on timed cooking where you have to enter the number of drinks, potatoes, or frozen dinners you’re putting in. In my opinion, the device is ideal for those who are used to of operating electronic gadgets especially younger generation but not a reasonable choice for an older person.

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