T-Fal GC704 Opti Grill Review

Americans love grilled food and it is one of the most favorite outdoor activities that they prefer to indulge in. In the US, one can find people grilling outside either in their courtyard or porch to experience the pleasure of cooking with family and friends. Outdoor grilling typically requires a good sunny day and clear weather, hence it is not all the time feasible to enjoy the authentically grilled food on an outdoor grill. However, with the advent of indoor portable grills, one can enjoy grilled goodies throughout the year irrespective of the season.


Pros & Cons:
The grill has all the features that an indoor grilling device should have besides cooking divinely tasting grilled food; however, if you expect that it will cook food just like an outdoor grill, I would like to inform you that it won’t but if you still want to cook something that taste as if it has been cooked on an outdoor grill try adding a few drops of liquid smoke on the grill during the cooking process, and it might give you the desired result.

T-Fal…is one such indoor grill from a highly renowned brand T-fal a pioneer in manufacturing affordable yet hasslefree kitchen appliances for modern-age cooking. So, if you fancy the idea of staring at the dancing snowflakes from the window of your living room while nibbling on your grilled sandwich or perfectly done steak, bring home T-Fall GC704 Opti Grill home.

Unlike your old grill, T-Fal cooks food to perfection by setting the cooking time sensing the thickness of the food. The grill cooks burgers, sandwiches, steaks, sausages, red meat, and fish to perfection keeping the taste, moisture, and texture of the cooked produce intact.

The device is equipped with an indicator light that displays the precise level of doneness yellow for rare, orange for medium, and red for optimally cooked food. The device alerts you through an audible beep when it reaches the preferred cooking level. The grill takes the guesswork out of your cooking and lets you portray yourself as a seasoned chef in front of your family and friends by producing deliciously cooked food each time. The ceramic plates of the device just need a simple wet towel wipe off after use and make things much easier for you.

With dimensions of 15.8 x 14.8 x 9.1 inches and weight of not more than 12.9 pounds, the grill is one step ahead of the famous George Foreman grills and grills food with beautiful grill marks on it. Not only this, the OptiGrill includes a drip tray, 2 detachable ceramic grill plates, and a recipe book to begin with.

The device all in all is the best bet for the price and is a must in a kitchen of any grilled food lover from seasoned chefs to amateurs. The device works well with any sort of food - fruits, meat, or vegetables, easy to use and work with just a push of a button, and easy to clean with detachable dishwasher safe ceramic plates.

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