Presto 05461 Stainless Steel ProFry Review

Pros & Cons: The Presto 05461 does a great job at great price and is a awesome product for deep-frying and steaming needs. Slight extra raise might have been better for the drainer as it slightly touches the oil (full to max mark) while draining…but that’s not a issue as you can always use a little less oil.

Presto 05461 ProFry is a compact professional grade deep fryer. It has an 8 cup capacity basket that’s useful for bigger pieces of fish or chicken. It is power packed with a 1800 watt immersion element. This gives the unit quick preheat and reheat timing. It has stainless steel housing and is compact and easy to use and clean.

Presto 05461 1800 watt immersion element ensures fast cooking whether it’s just heating, frying or steaming. The 8 cup capacity allows you to cook family sized batches. The heating element and the cooking pot is removable for easy cleaning and usage.

The unit comes with auto reset button for your safety. The Presto 05461 automatically shuts off in case of overheating. This is a great feature as there is a risk of overheating when the unit is accidently put on without or insufficient oil. Or if the fat used to fry is solid or thick older oil.

The light indicator goes on when the unit is heating oil and goes off when the unit is ready at the set temperature. Presto 05461 comes with a magnetic plug end that adds to the safety of the equipment. (Detachable in case of accidental tangling)

The Presto 05461 is a great professional grade compact deep fryer which is really a bang for the buck. Although it is for household use it is rugged and long lasting. The thermostat is accurate and provides quick heating and reheating. The 8 cup space allows you to fry or boil large family size batches in one go if need be.

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