Ovente KG83 Series Glass electric kettle Review

Pros & Cons:
Ovente KG83 Series kettle takes around 5-6 minutes at maximum level to heat water and delivers boiling water before auto shutoff. The blue light is great aesthetic value and also an indicator of operation. The unit is designed to serve and have a long life, but as any other electrical heating equipment, regular cleaning and care is a must for longer life of the equipment.

Ovente KG83R is a 1.5 liter glass electric kettle. It carries a concealed stainless steel heating element, auto shut off with boil dry protection. The unit is highly durable and stain resistant with Borosilicate body, The heating unit is detachable with a stay cool handle giving you option to lift the kettle without base unit making it easy to use.

Being equipped with concealed heating element with 110/120V, 1100-watt power, the kettle offers quick heating and saves 85% of energy than doing the same thing on a cooktop. Ovente KG83R 1.5L Glass Electric Kettle carries a non slip 360 degrees rotary power base. The cordless kettle lift action gives you easy fill up.

A blue LED is illuminated signaling that the water is getting heated. The jar has a water level gauge and a removable and washable filter supporting your “purist” needs.

The 30-inches chord is long enough and stores neatly within the base without any hassles. The unit’s dimensions are 8 x 6 x 9.3 inches, shipping weight is 3 pounds, and the device comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Ovente KG83R 1.5L Glass Electric Kettle is priced right and gives you added advantages, in terms of, design and aesthetics. The kettle looks good and you may well want to leave it on the kitchen table or the service counter, Even if you want to keep it away after usage it’s not an issue as it is compact to store or use. The hot water from the unit is a great help for instant coffee, tea, cereal, noodles or macaroni.

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