KitchenAid KEK1222BM Electric Kettle Review

KitchenAid KEK1222BM Electric Kettle Review
The Sassy Electric Kettle You Need

Who doesn’t like a sleek and stylish electric kettle? The one that has a smaller footprint. And the one that blends well with your contemporary interiors. Especially, if you’re a tea
or a coffee freak like me, an electric kettle is something you couldn’t deny at any given time.

KitchenAid KEK1222BM Electric kettle not only heats water for tea and coffee but also for baby foods. You can even use it for your ready to go food items like instant cup noodles etc.

By now it’s clear that electric kettle is a charm. It’s a wonderful kitchen appliance that keeps things easy and quick for you.

However it’s a quite a chore, if you think about buying one with the choices, are so many. It often gets tedious to zero in on something that fits your budget and at the same time is efficient. What if you get something that’s not only compact, elegant, and stylish but friendly to your pocket too.

KitchenAid has you covered with its unique state of the art
electric kettle – the KitchenAid KEK1222BM 1.25-Liter Electric

The beautiful stainless-steel body with a black matte finish (option) and soft aluminum handle grabs anyone’s attention. The lid is removable. This lets you fill the kettle easily with just the apt amount of water. The stainless-steel pouring spout is unique
and prevents any splatters of hot water. It comes equipped
with a removable Limescale filter for your convenience.

Many times, folks complain about tedious navigation of the
controls. Kitchen Aid KEK1222BM Electric Kettle has simple easy to use controls with an LED on/off switch and on indicator light. The base is removable with 360-degree rotation. This allows easy transfer of your kettle wherever you need it.

With dimensions of 8.9 x 7 x 10.3 inches and weight of no
more than 1.72 pounds, the unit is sturdy yet compact. It occupies very little space on your countertop. This is a
compact little solid machine that makes your tea or coffee making experience a breeze. Insides are also of stainless-steel
and offers easy cleaning.
All in all, a tiny little electric kettle that’s just apt for any
modern small kitchen.


  • Sleek yet sturdy.
  • Solid stainless-steel body
  • Elegant black matte finish
  • Pouring spout with Lime scale filter
  • Smooth aluminum handle
  • Easy controls with LED on/off switch and on indicator


  • Not exactly a con but the power on switch is made up of a little less durable quality plastic. But that’s just an observation and has nothing to do with the efficiency of the device.
  • One more thing is that though the kettle turns off automatically, it doesn’t beep or whistle. So if you’re buying for your elderly parent or relative, you better get the one with beep or whistle.

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