Ryobi Expand It Review

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Professional Edges? You Got it! Thanks To RYOBI Expand it

The RYOBI expand it edger attachment transforms your string trimmer. Now you got the worlds greatest edger. You can adjust the depth on 8 inch serrated blade and create professional edges around your yard. Remember to get the most out of your dual serrated edging blade. You can reverse it when dull and make fresh cutting edges. There you have 2Xed the life of your blade.
Did I mention you can use the RYOBI expand-it edger tool with not just RYOBI. Have it running with Weed Eater, Toro, Troy Bilt, Murray, Poulan Pro Trimmers too. It can fit with most of the other universal brand fit power heads and trimmers.

The RYOBI expand it attachment comes with double edged 8 in. steel blade. Large guide wheel which offers grate stability and control. You can even adjust height for convenience and custom edges. The rubber flap protects the user against the debris. This is the expand it option you need to convert your trimmer into a powerful edger.

RYOBI expand-it edger tool comes with 90day return policy. 3 year manufacturer warranty. Remember you can use this on gas driven or 40V battery operated head alike. St Augustine grass not problem. Don’t go on the rough edges of the blade it does a pretty darn good job. Its designed to cut through dirt and work on high RPM. The double-edged has an indicator hole that shows ehen the blade needs to be replaced.

The Expand-it 8 in. universal straight shaft edger attachment is to be used with one blade only. It’s designed for precision cutting around walkways, curbs, flower beds etc. Use the string trimmer for more wider or horizontal cuts. You can use the edger attachment depth of cut by moving the wheel arm up or down.
RYOBI expand it come with an instruction manual and necessary tools to change out the blade. Also the end that attaches to the power head comes with a hook to hang it on the wall and keep dirt and moisture out of it.

Some people might feel it bit heavy to hold up. You do got to be bit careful when starting the edge of your lawn not to hit the concrete sidewalk. Best time to edge is when your lawn is not watered. Moist soil makes the edger harder to cut through and it may get bogged down.

The RYOBI expand its universal straight shaft edger is definitely a more economical alternative to wheeled edger. Which could cost you several hundred $$$. The attachment weighs 4 lbs. and has the maximum cutting depth of 6.5 in. It comes with the attachment shaft, edger head, hanger cap, holding pin and operators manual.

Installing the RYOBI expand it attachment

  • Stop the engine and disconnect the spark plug if using the gas power-head or remove the battery if using 40V powerhead.
  • Loosen the knob on the coupler of the power head shaft and remove the end cap from the attachment. (This is the black rubber piece with a loophole for hanging)
  • Push in the silver button on the attachment shaft. Align it with guide recess on the power head coupler and slide the two, together. Rotate the attachment shaft until the buttons lock into the positioning hole.
  • Tighten the knob securely.

Similarly if you are detaching the attachment you can loosen the knob at the connection point and push the button and twist the shafts to remove and separate the power head from the attachment. Always stop the engine, disconnect the spark plug if gas unit and remove the battery if 40V head before attaching or detaching the unit.

Pros: Well designed ready to use out of the box. Makes precise cuts along the walkway or driveway. Backed by RYOBI 3 year warranty the the edger attachment helps you save time, money and space in your garage. It also requires no tools or adapters.

Cons: The whole thing is a bit heavy for some people to operate.

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