Ovente 3.2 QT Multi-function Air Fryer Review

Ovente 3.2 QT Multi-function Air Fryer Review, www.browngoodstalk.comDo you love munching on fries and steaks but worried about the extra calories you take in the form of oil. Worry no more. For your convenience, Ovente has designed a revolutionary product. And, that is Ovente 3.2 QT multi-function air fryer.

Fry your favorite red meat, chicken, fish or any sort of seafood in the air fryer’s spacious 3.2 Q T cooking basket. The basket is nonstick and hence easy to clean and maintain. The fryer offers 1400 watts of high cooking power for quick and grease-free meal preparations.

The rotary temperature control of the unit offers easy temperature setting anywhere from 140 to 390 degrees F. Cool touch handle offers safe and easy operations. The unit does come with $50 worth fry/grill pan to cook a variety of grilled food items. The unit firmly adheres to the countertop or to the tabletop, thanks to the anti-skid feet.

With dimensions of 14 x 14 x 14 inches, Ovente 3.2 QT Multi-function Air Fryer comes in an elegant black finish to meet any kind of modern kitchen them. The easy eject button, the LED indicator light, the stainless steel heating element with auto-shut off are some of the remarkable features that make this unit stand apart from other air fryers.

Overall, the product boasts advanced grease-free frying and grilling technology and is an ultimate cooking center for all your cooking needs. Easy, hassle-free usage and breeze cleaning make the device a perfect example of modern-age convenient cooking appliance.

Pros: Easy and safe usage. 1400 watts of high cooking power. Easy cleaning. Provided with a removable nonstick frying basket as well as a grill.

Cons: The only con is that the instructions written in the owner’s manual are not clear and it takes a little time to understand the owner’s manual.

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