Pizzarette – Worlds Funnest Pizza Oven Review

Just used my Pizzarette (Worlds Funnest Pizza Oven) for the first time last night and LOVE it!! – Katie

The Pizzarette is an appliance that will make you come for the fun and stay for the great-tasting pizza. This state of the art pizza oven is the pizza oven everyone needs for a fantastic pizza party. It’s simple, easy to use, and enjoyable for everyone. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, it can also make quite a fun experience.

Short cooking times allow friends and families to enjoy conversations in between. With only five to ten minutes of waiting, there is plenty of pizzas to make with different desired combinations. Its dual heating elements can create that heavenly pizza texture, surely to satisfy everyone’s crave for that perfect pizza.

The Pizzarette – “The Worlds Funnest Pizza Oven” is a premium electronic countertop pizza oven that comes along with a fancy and authentic terracotta dome designed for dual top and bottom heating. It provides an all-around cooking experience, just like a real oven. Furthermore, the handmade terracotta clay dome gives that authentic pizza oven flavor, making your home-made pizzas deliciously and perfectly crispy. The Pizzarette caters four openings evenly designed to bake four mini pizzas all at once by persons around the table. Its compact and aesthetic nature makes it to fit nicely on tabletops for both indoor and outdoor events.

  • Dough cutter for the perfect mini-pizza size
  • Regular spatulas for food handling
  • Special stainless steel spatula
  • Easy-to-clean cooking sheet
  • Instruction book
  • Easy to install – no need to hire a professional to get it up and running
  • Fast heat up and cool down times (15-20 minutes for heat-up and 15-20 minutes for cool-down).

The Pizzarette – “The Worlds Funnest Pizza Oven” is a portable and an electronic pizza-oven with a handmade terracotta dome. Its weight is 11.6 pounds, while its dimensions are 15 x 15 x inches. The total items included in the package are 3 black plastic spatulas, 1 stainless steel spatula, 1 pizza dough cutter, 1 cooking sheet, and 1 instruction book.

The Pizzarette, “The World’s Funnest Pizza Oven”, is a countertop pizza oven with an aesthetic terracotta dome designed for multiple baking. It vibes the same feeling as a hotpot dinner or a fondue party, so it offers an interesting dining and cooking experience.

It definitely can excite and liven a social event or a party, both in its looks and its function. It also comes along with other custom-designed items for efficient use. The Pizzarette delivers exactly what it claims to do. It is fun to use, it cooks quickly, and its set-up and clean-up are hassle-free. Out of 5 stars, this Pizzarette scores a bright and promising 4.5 stars.

Pros & Cons

The Pizzarette – “The World’s Funnest Pizza Oven” is an interesting and different dining experience that can be offered. It is great for sharing, and the food is warm and fresh.  However, it may not be recommended for very large groups as the sizes are small. While others may prefer an actual toaster oven or an oven to make their pizzas, it is important to remind that this unit is a “Fun” pizza oven.

The aim is to simply have fun and enjoy cooking home-made pizza with friends and families, so it is not recommended to have such high expectations. While errors in cooking may happen at first, it does take some practice to truly master the craft of using the funnest oven Pizzarette.

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