Samsung SmartThings F-MN-KIT-US-2 F 2 Review

The Samsung SmartThings F-MN-KIT-US-2 F 2 Home Monitoring Kit comprises devices that claim to keep your home and family safe-guarded from possible theft and interference. With this kit, even if you’re far away from home, busy working, out on a drink, or on a vacation, you can check on what goes on in your home.

The kit has a hub, two multipurpose sensors, motion sensor, outlet, ethernet cable, in-wall AC (100-240 V), and three wall-mounting brackets. All of these components are wireless-designed — no need for wirings and complex installation. If you have internet connection, you’re good to go.

The free SmartThings mobile application pairs compatible devices you have and notifies you of the happenings back home. Through the mobile application, the home kit is perfect for remote monitoring.

The heart of this home monitoring kit is its hub which acts as the central controller of all the other gadgets. It can control hundreds of compatible devices that are customized in your home. The hub has a built-in ZigBee radio with a 2.4 GHz and a Z-Wave radio of 900 MHz. This allows the hub to communicate with your ZigBee and Z-Wave devices.

The motion sensors are designed to keep you in the loop as regards the happenings inside your house. With these, you’ll know whether your home entrances are locked or open. The sensors also have the capability to monitor and to adjust the temperature within your home.

Instantaneous alerts will be sent to warn you of any disturbances or if there are suspicious movements inside your house, may it be burglars or children going to off-limits areas. These sensors can also turn the lights on or off and can be triggered to adjust thermostat, window air-conditioning units, and portable heaters.

The main function of the outlet is to give you full control of the smart gadgets in your house. Plugging any compatible device like lights, electrical devices and house appliances on this outlet, enables you to control the devices anywhere and anytime.

To complement the security features of the Home Monitoring Kit, compatible devices like cameras and other alarm devices can be added. Android and Apple iOS devices are compatible with the home kit’s operating system. The kit is also voice control capable which can be done through the use of Google Assitant, Amazon Alexa, and Ario.

The Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit weighs 15 ounces and measures 8x6x10 inches. The battery cell type of the devices is alkaline. The kit is covered by a 1-year warranty policy.

In addition, the motion sensor measures 2x2x0.8 inches with a square shape and soft curves on its four corners. The SmartThings hub is of the same shape and weighs 7.68 ounces, measuring 4.2×4.9×1.3 inches. On the device’s rear side are its ports, two of which are USB ports. The outlet weighs 0.25 pounds with a measurement of 2x2x2.5 inches.

This kit is pretty useful and advanced. In a way, the devices give us a glimpse of what the future would be like. You can be without worries even if you’re not home.

This kit is pretty useful and advanced. In a way, the devices give us a glimpse of what the future would be like. You can be without worries if you’re not home, because the gadgets are designed to allow you to control and monitor various smart devices in your home and notify you of suspicious stuff that may take place. Rating: 5/5

The best things about this Home Monitoring Kit’s are the convenience and security it provides, the ease of use, the multiple functionalities, and the full control you get.

The downside is that it is pretty expensive. But if you can afford it, it is definitely worth it.

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