Better Chef IM-811R Review

Pros & Cons: * Handy easy to use and switch from one task to other. * Thumb Control and fixing the beaters and hooks is easy but needs little practice.

The Better Chef IM-811R is more power to your hands. It is in demand for its use and versatility for cooking needs particularly baking. It makes all messy and painful tasks like blending,whipping or mixing a Breeze. Its a must for a home which is creative and keen on rolling out a new dish on the table frequently.

The Better Chef IM-811R provides you real hands free comfort with its ergonomic and sturdy design. Its powered by a 100 watt motor to ensure you don't run short of "muscles".

Stainless steel beaters and hooks. Easy to clean after operations as easily detachable. Easy change options to make any task on hand easy.

Easy usage with all buttons in reach of your thumb including detachment. Gives you the comfort and flexibility for easy single hand operation Dimensions- Length=9, Breadth=3, Height=5 Weight - 3 Pounds

Its a great handy Gadget for your Kitchen and definitely makes lot of daily chores easy and quick. Needs little time to get used to the thumb controls and fixing up the beaters.

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