Aroma AHP-312 Hotplate Review

Aroma AHP 312-Review
The Evergreen Aroma AHP-312 Hotplate

Electric stoves or the Electric Hot Plates have taken the Kitchens Worldwide by Storm. Electric hot plates are particularly sought after for their easier usage to cook and keep food warm for longer periods. Other important fact is that they generally cost less than the Gas Stoves in Purchase and Usage and are easier to move around and use at will. Unlike a Gas Stove needing a gas supply the Electric Hot plates just need a electrical power source. Electric Hot plates were earlier used in Laboratories before they found way to our Kitchens.

AHP-312 Hotplate is Compact, has Black metal body Sturdy Die Cast metal burners (One Larger and One smaller burner) Which Can accommodate both larger and smaller dishes well. Two Separate temperature controls 3 easy to use Temperature settings with “on” “off” indicator Easy to Clean and use Portable can be easily stored, moved or left on Kitchen top.

Comes in Single and Double burner make. The Temperature control knob is pretty Simple with just Low, warm, medium, and high temperature controls. Provided with a non skid feet.

Built as per North American Standards Double Burner Dimensions Length=10-2/5 Breadth=14-2/7 Height 3-1/2 inches Comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty Plug is standard 3 Prong.

Its a great Miniature Stove. Perfect for dorms, offices, traveling and entertaining. May be used to keep food warm over longer periods Caution – Burners are hot during and after usage.

Pros & Cons: *Small Portable Easy to Clean and use. *Heats up in use, needs extra care if you have Kids at home.

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