West Bend TEM4500W Review

Pros & Cons: It has a hideaway cord area for safety, you can wrap the cord as per the need during usage and also put away the device when needed fully wrapped. Other plus is the removable breadcrumb tray offering you easy cleaning and regular usage. It does not have self-centering slot and needs a dry run before operation.

The West Bend TEM4500W is a perfect breakfast companion which gives you ease of preparing your breakfast of toasted eggs or muffins and bread. The beauty of the system is that you can toast 6 slices and poach, scramble or hard boil an egg to your liking in about 5 minutes. There is a heating tray too where you can heat up pre cooked meats to add up to your meal.

It is a 4 slice toaster with with large toaster slots unlike other brands in the market, The slots are large enough to easily fit Sliced bread bagels, English muffins, frozen waffles, and even crossiants. Four slots ensure that you can cover a big family in two or 3 cycles.

West Bend TEM4500W egg and muffin toaster has great toasting settings where in you can not only treat bread and bagels differently but also in different shades. Not only that it has a defrost option too. While cooking eggs heating tray cooks eggs based on the amount of water used hence ensure that no matter what type of egg you want to cook you need to have the egg button on.

You can coordinate the timing of cooking eggs and bread by egg/toast control button. When this button is on the bread will toast as per the set preference and shall stay warm until the egg is cooked. When the eggs are done, toast shall pop like normal and it will turn off. You can use the same setting for Bagel and Defrosting along with cooking eggs. You have the choice of cancelling the toast cycle by switching the cancel button at any time. It is also auto shut off and operates on 1800 watt. It comes with 1 Year warranty.

The West Bend TEM4500W egg and muffin toaster gives you a option of restaurant quality breakfast sandwich that not only costs you less but also helps you reduce your waist line. It has user-friendly controls to ensure easy and hassle free usage. The toaster slots are large and Toast/Egg feature is simply great. Point to be noted is that this is the only four-bread toaster that has a egg cooking feature.

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