West Bend 82310Y Stir Crazy Review

Pros & Cons: Motorized stir rod is a definite plus and 100 watts power ensures great performance. Not really, a cons but exercise caution when turning over your popcorn to bowl as the base will be hot and you have to ensure that the butter reservoir lid at the top is intact.

West Bend 82310Y Stircrazy is a tabletop corn popper, It makes the corn popping fun and serving easy with the cover playing dual role of Serving Bowl. Corn popping is sheer fun to watch this appliance makes it easy to satisfy Family, Friends, and Kids.

The West Bend 82310Y Stircrazy corn popper allows you to pop up 6 quarts roughly 24 Cups of popcorn (output). The Cover also plays out as serving bowl and heating plate is non stick, removable and Dishwasher safe. These features make this corn popper usage super easy and efficient. The Design is elegant and functional with great view of corns popping inside the transparent cover.

The Corn popper has a motorized stir rod that makes corn-popping completion effective with lesser-unpopped corn (Higher Kernel pop). It comes in variable base colors (based on availability). This ensures that you can use ingredients of your choice and how much quantity goes into making your favorite popcorn. Microwave popcorns cost more and we are not sure what went into them.

Other important feature is the top reservoir where you may add additional butter for flavor and it comes with a cap that acts as base of the Bowl when turned over…fantastic! West Bend 82310Y comes with a on/off switch and operates on 1000 watts of power, One-year warranty and a detailed instruction manual to guide you on right usage.

This Corn popper for sure scores over all other corn poppers and I would say that West bend stircrazy has cracked the Corn Popping code …Yeah! The reason being that the design, form and function are truly merged providing the customer the ultimate satisfaction of using this device. By the way the Stir Crazy pop corn has been there for more than 2o years, The stir function closes the deal ensuring all your corn kernels are popped and while all this happens, you can truly enjoy the process. Frankly, I feel this is the most complete functional appliance I have come across until date.

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