Excalibur 3526TW Dehydrator Review

Pros & Cons: For some products, I really hate to point out Cons and this is one of those... Lets come to Pros first- Timer, Removable trays and even dehydration of food is a definite plus, Unit is designed well and is fairly robust to stand daily use. Excalibur-3526TW is useful for small Gardens and Kitchens where you have a fair supply of the food items that you might want to dehydrate or just dehydrate the Fruits and vegetables bought from the market. The unit is large and needs good space hence it needs storage when not in use. In addition, the fan runs continuously and may concern people who are noise sensitive or sit around the device for long. Ok now that I have done my job of pointing out some cons at the end. I do feel this is a great device to have at home and the cons really don't count with the benefits it provides – 5 Stars.

Excalibur-3526TW is a food dehydrator. This as you know helps in preservation of food. Dehydration of food is one of the best food preservation process and the best part is that you get to do it yourself at home. You need not worry any more about what went into preserving your food items that you unpacked bought from the store. Excalibur-3526TW lets you dehydrate variety of foods helping you retain flavor, aromas, and natural sweetness. With this, you may well, replace all guilt bound fat and high sugar snacks plus the chemicals and preservatives.

The Excalibur-3526TW comes with 5 trays and 8 square feet of area for easy food dehydration. Its key features include an on/off switch with and adjustable thermostat between 85 to 145 deg F.The definite plus t is the 26 Hour timer and auto switch off.

The device has a 5-inch fan at the back for continuous cooling and circulation. It operates on 440 watts. Trays are designed to ease out space as needed and may be removed or put back as needed.

Excalibur-3526TW comes with a flexible BPA free poly-screen insert that which be used to drying most of the foods. The trays are easy to clean with Soap and Water. Unlike other food dryers, you do not need to touch after setup for turning or rotating trays. It does the job evenly without any hassle.

We are so much used to eating packaged foods and there is a need to switch to healthier options. Other than that do not forget that this device doubles up for making Yoghurt, Raising Dough or drying pasta. It also makes Fruit leathers and Juicer pulps now all that is after the fact that it is a food dryer too. Best part is you can take out the trays for placing larger items let’s say for yoghurt and put back all the trays and dehydrate the food…your choice. Timer is a very useful addition to the device and helps you make a steady and tasty queue of dehydrated food items for everyone’s surprise.

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