Philips MultiChopper with Chop Drop Technology HR2505/26 Review

Philips MultiChopper with Chop Drop Technology HR2505/26 review, www.browngoodstalk.comAre you tired of chopping veggies especially onions? Is your old chopper doesn’t do the right thing? Philips MultiChopper with Chop Drop technology is here to meet your needs.

The chopper comes with a unique 1.1 L basket to hold your veggies, fruits, or nuts and chop them to perfection. It offers 2 speeds and automatic speed selection. Unlike other choppers, it works with just a push of the hand. All you need is to simply press down on the top of the MultiChopper to start chopping.

Besides veggies, you can chop a variety of other ingredients including meats, nuts, and dried fruits. Making meatballs, hummus, and salad dressings have never been easier before. The device is easy and safe to use. Durable high-speed blades chop and mince herbs to perfection.

With dimensions of 6.9 x 6.9 x 13.2 inches and weight of no more than 3.8 pounds, the Philips MutiChopper with Chop Drop Technology HR2505/26 is compact yet sturdy enough to hold tough ingredients. It occupies minimal space on your countertop. The device offers super simple cleanup with dishwasher safe parts. You can even rinse the parts under running water and dab them clean before storage.

The best part of the chopper is its chop drop technology. The basket holds the ingredients until they are chopped to perfection. It then drops the chopped ingredients into the bowl below, chopped and perfectly sized each time. Bring home the MultiChopper before your next family dinner and amaze your family members with your culinary skills. With MultiChopper at home, you can chop like a chef, without any tears.


  • Simple and easy one push down operation
  • Spacious 1.1 L bowl
  • Two speeds and automatic speed selection
  • High-speed premium quality chopping blades
  • It chops onions, herbs, veggies, fruits, nuts, and even chops and minces meats
  • Easy cleanup


Not a con but as a precautionary measure, you need to be a bit careful when working with high-speed quality blades.

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