Blendtec Designer 625 Blender Review

Juices and smoothies are any fitness freak’s best friends. Perfectly blended mocktails and frozen smoothies are ultimate delights for anyone.

Blendtec Designer 625 Blender

If you are also on a strict diet regime or just want to have summer fun with frozen smoothies and yummy ice creams or even want to enjoy the appetizing hot soups, Blendtec 625 ultra powerful blender is here to meet your needs. via Amazon

A rugged, dependable, aesthetically beautiful, new generation blender with 6 preprogrammed cycles, illuminated touch button control panel, and easy to slide speed slider with Pulse function, Blendted 625 not only makes smoothies and juices but does offer users the flexibility of making hot soups, crushing ice, healthy snacks, as well as nut butter. However, it is advisable to use Blendtec’s twister jar for making nut butters or pastes.

With 1625 watts and 3.0 peak horsepower motor, the blender is an ideal solution for all your juicing needs. Not only this, with 4 preprogrammed cycles, the device gives you the ease of making smoothies, ice cream, whole juice, and hot soup with just a touch of button.

Moreover, you can set the speed of the device by simply sliding your finger on six-speed capacitive touch slider. Customize your blending by adjusting the speed of your device or simply give your blender a boost of power blending with the aid of Pulse feature.

Blendtec Designer 625 Blender
With dimensions of 7 x 8 x 8 inches the blender offers easy placement on your kitchen countertop. Unlike other heavy duty blenders, the short statured Blendtec occupies least space on your countertop by adhering firmly onto the base and popping in easily under any of your kitchen shelves.

The blender crushes ice and smoothies like anything and is a great innovation in terms of solid construction and equally great warranty. The WildSide jar blends everything with ultimate ease not requiring any plunger as it happens in case of other heavy duty blenders. Though the blender is equipped with highly progressive features of a new generation blender, not having a pour spout in the blending jar and limited written information are some minor glitches that seem to irritate the customers as they have to go online to check the instruction manual. The recipe book that comes along with the device also contains very few recipes.

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