Nutri Ninja BL451 Review

 Nutri Ninja Pro

Pros & Cons:
Nutri Ninja offers #1 most powerful nutrient and vitamin extraction. High-end features of crushing down almost everything from stems, seeds, to ice in just a few seconds. Easy to use with easy clockwise locking of the blending jars onto the base unit, and when you are done, just unlock the blending cup counter-clockwise and remove it for breeze, manual/dishwasher, cleaning. Just a safety tip, you need to hold the blending cup on the top with your hand while the blender is in working mode because of highly powerful professional blending mechanism.

Are you planning to kick-start your long-term weight loss plan, juices are the best option to start with. You can, tremendously, save yourself from unintentional high-calorie intake, if you opt for a juice diet. To follow the strict regime of weight loss, you need to be focused and goal oriented and should set a gradual road map that you will lose, say, 2 to 3 kg in a week’s time. Juices and smoothies are tasty enough to suppress the desires of craving more, and at the same time fulfill your requirements of daily nutrition intake. Juices and smoothies help maintaining the electrolyte balance of the body besides keeping you hydrated and glowing all the time. To enjoy the endless benefits of a juice diet, in terms of weight lose, helping you look young and attractive, and even feel better, you need to have a perfect blender, and if it’s a personal one, it would be a cherry on top.

The is the blender that is in its own class. The blender is incomparable as far as efficiency and pricing is concerned offering you some of the extraordinary blending features that other blender can’t. With 900 watts of professional power, the blender offers, top-class most efficient nutrient and vitamin extraction. It can crush through anything from ice chunks to fibrous roots to stems and seeds. The Nutri Ninja gives you the power and speed to really break all those ingredients down. You are literally liquefying the whole fruits and vegetables, and the key, you are keeping the fibers of the ingredients intact that traditional juicers remove.

In addition to its speed, the blender is durable and small enough that it doesn’t take much space on your countertop. The blender is ideal for making chilled green smoothies and baby food as well. Just blend the ice cubes along with your greens in the blender and here you go, your favorite healthy green drink is ready in a matter of seconds. Comparing to Nutri Ninja BL450 model, the extra money you pay for the 3rd container is definitely worth it as the blender can also serve making baby food in the smallest 12 ounce jar.

Nutri Ninja BL451 includes a 24 ounce extractor cup, an 18 ounce, and a 12 ounce, and the best part is that you can take them on the go. Nutri Ninja includes sip and seal to go lids helping you enjoy your favorite drinks on the move. Equipped with powerful pro-extractor blades, the personal blender break down all of your ingredients into that silky smooth consistency. All the 3 cups are BPA free and dishwasher safe. Also, Nutri Ninja BL451 includes a 30- recipe and wellness guide. This is a great way to get started with your Nutri Ninja. Here you can find tips and recipes to set you all for a healthy lifestyle.

BL451 Nutri Ninja Pro Deluxe is incomparable giving you the power that traditional blenders don’t give to break down all those ingredients. Who knew getting healthy could be so easy. Just fill the cup with your ingredients, attach the blades to the cup, flip the cup upside down, align it onto the base unit, locked it into place, and blend. In just a matter of seconds, you can have a nutrition rich juice that you can enjoy any time of the day. I love drinking mine in the morning. You can even have it on the go. Just make your juice, pop a sip and seal lid on, and you can enjoy it on your way to work. At the end, I personally feel that Nutri Ninja BL451 would serve you all what you want to spur up a healthy lifestyle.

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