How To Look Great And Feel Better

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By: Rob Bertholf

Researches, done by US Environmental Protection Agency, suggest that over 400 chemicals have been found in human tissues, and their concentration is higher in blood, liver, and adipose tissue or fat cells.

The Science Behind ill will

To keep you going great and healthy, the natural mechanism of your body has to keep on functioning properly. This involves various body systems working together to support complex metabolic pathways. For that, they require fuel in the form of air, water, and food. If the quality of the fuel gets contaminated, the systems get overburdened, as there is no natural mechanism to deal with these man-made toxins.

Initially, liver is responsible for flushing out the toxins. If the liver is overburdened and unsupported by right kind of nutrients, the job goes to kidneys. If the kidneys get exhausted dealing with the toxins present in blood, they send the toxins via the lymphatic system to the adipose tissue or fat cells.

The more toxins your body has to deal with, the more fat cells it needs to store them, resulting in slower metabolic rate and obesity.

Cleansing and Detoxification

Juices, being rich in nutrients and water, sweep away all the toxins from the body, by keeping the cells hydrated, improving elimination from the colon, and preventing re-absorption of toxins back into the system. This results in speeding up the metabolic pathways, leading to gradual reduction of the overall fat of the body. The whole process of detoxification, ultimately, helps you lose weight and feel great and healthy about yourself.

How To Look Great and Feel Better

To follow the strict regime of weight loss, you need to be focused and should set a gradual road map to lose, for example, 1 to 2 kg in a week’s time. Juices and smoothies are tasty enough to suppress the desire of craving more, and at the same time fulfill your requirement of daily nutrition intake. So, if you are planning to kick-start your long-term weight loss plan, juices are the best option to start with.

Being on a juice diet requires you to be disciplined and motivated towards your set target of ultimate weight loss. Whether you are opting for juice fasting or simply incorporating juices in your daily diet, it is recommended to include home-made fresh juices and smoothies, as packaged ones are heat treated and may contain preservatives to prolong their shelf life, thereby minimizing their nutritional benefits.

So get ready to begin your juicing journey. All you need is a blender of your choice and a decent supply of vitamin and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator.


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