Panasonic New Gopan Rice Bread Cooker Sd-rbm1001-w Review


Pros & Cons:
The bread maker works perfectly both in case of white rice bread and brown rice bread. The bread tastes better than store-bought gluten-free breads and you can consistently enjoy the great taste with the ease of baking. The only glitch not exactly with the product but with the overall package is that the device comes with an instruction manual and a recipe booklet that is all written in Japanese that makes things a bit tricky for folks who don't know Japanese. Hence, an English language version of the instruction manual and recipe book would definitely make this bread maker a technological boom for any gluten-free bread lover.

Are you on a Gluten-free diet and looking for appliances that help you make your gluten-free goodies with ease. If yes, you must have searched all the available resources for products that ideally meet your requirements and transform your gluten-free raw food products into sinless gluten-free tasty eatables.

Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, breads make an important portion of your food platter and you can't say no to a perfectly baked bread. Baking a gluten-free bread or a rice bread in a normal convection oven or a bread machine doesn't always give desired results. So, to make life easier and to bake a perfect white rice bread or brown rice bread, Panasonic has launched a series of rice bread makers and the Panasonic New Gopan Rice Bread Cooker Sd-rbm1001-w is one of them.

Gluten-free diet is soon becoming a trend because of its numerous health benefits. The bread maker is an ideal solution and a must have product if you or anyone else in your family is on gluten-free diet or suffering from celiac disease or any other gluten-related allergies. The Panasonic Gopan bread maker boasts the feature of a separate nut and raisin container for adding more nutrition and enhancing the flavor of your rice bread. Be it a white rice bread or brown rice bread, the bread machine bakes all sorts of rice breads with ease and perfection. All you need is to just pop in all the necessary ingredients into the baking bucket, assort your favorite nuts and raisins and load them into the nut container, and switch on your bread maker to get an evenly baked, soft, and succulent rice bread each time.

With dimensions of 12.4 x 15.2 x 9.4 inches and weight of not more than 17.6 pounds, the bread maker offers easy standalone installation and boasts a sleek white colored attractive body. With digital display and touch-button control panel, the device offers convenient end-user experience.

All in all, the new Panasonic Gopan Rice Bread Cooker Sd-rbm1001-w is an ultimate product designed specifically to bake gluten-free rice breads.

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