Avanti – 1.2 CF Electronic Microwave with Touch Pad MO1250TW Review

Microwaves are best bet for those who want to experience the feel of convenience cooking. Microwaves cook food fast, efficiently, and uniformly without much hassle. All you need is to just pop in the pre-prep food inside and switch on your magical device.

Avanti - 1.2 CF Electronic Microwave with Touch Pad MO1250TW

These days besides performing basic function of cooking and reheating frozen and leftovers directly from the fridge, microwaves are equipped with a variety of progressive features that make cooking much easier. via Amazon

Avanti MO1250TQ is one such highly advanced touch pad electronic microwave that boasts some of the peculiarly distinct and advanced features of modern-age cooking appliances.

With 1.2 cubic feet of spacious cooking cavity the device easily cooks a plenty of food in one go. Easy touch button control panel and digital display make things easier for those who don’t want to get involved in the hassles of manual cooking. The device automates the whole cooking process by just the touch of button.

Be it popping up the corn kernels into a bowl full of popcorns for the weekend movie show or heating up your frozen dinner plate all are done by just popping the material in, touching the desired button, and within minutes the food is ready to be gobbled. The device does give its users the flexibility of cooking and defrosting the food by its weight. Besides this the “speed defrost” function, speeds up the thawing process in case you are in a hurry of doing some last minute cooking.

Avanti - 1.2 CF Electronic Microwave with Touch Pad MO1250TW
With dimensions of 11.8 x 17.8 x 21.3 inches and weight of not more than 43 pounds, the device offers easy installation and can be well accommodated on the kitchen countertop for convenient usage. Glass turntable as well as the interiors of the microwave can be easily cleaned and just need a simple wipe off with moistened kitchen towel after each use for hygienically safe cooking experience.

The product has all the features that a microwave should have to perform all the basic functions of cooking and reheating besides performing various other advanced functions. The microwave is in fact has the potential of becoming a center of all your cooking needs and you won’t regret getting this baby home. The only glitch, though non-technical, with the device is that the turntable often makes peculiar sounds while the microwave is under operation mode but that can be ignored given the advantages that come along with the device. Besides this, one more feature that can be annoying to some users is that the microwave beeps continuously after every half a minute when it is done until it is switched off or the door is opened.

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