George Foreman GFQ001 Quesadilla Maker Review

George Foreman GFQ001 Quesadilla Maker Review

Mexican cuisine is one of the most complex and ancient cuisines of the world. Complex because it’s a blend of ingredients native to Mexico as well as those that were brought over by the Spaniards. Not only this, but Mexican cuisine has also been influenced by its proximity to the US-Mexican border. Mexican food is an important aspect of the culture and popular tradition of Mexico. Burritos, Tacos, Quesadillas all are packed with the punching spiciness, distinctive of the land and its culture. This world-famous cuisine is not limited only to pocketed food, but many other dishes have to be explored and relished. But for now, let’s talk about my favorite. I love eating Quesadillas. These mouth-watering Mexican sandwiches are packed with the goodness of cheese, meat, and spices. Typically, Quesadillas are cooked on a griddle but now we have many easy options to cook perfect Quesadillas even at home.

You will find plenty of grills and griddles out there in the market, but out of all George Foreman products are my first choice. They are durable, long-lasting, dependable, and are super easy to clean.

George Foreman GFQ001 Quesadilla maker lets you enjoy hot and delicious quesadillas right in the comfort of your home. This device makes uniformly cooked and tasty quesadillas in just a matter of five minutes.

The Quesadilla maker boasts a 10-inch circular cooking surface. The cooking surface comes up with George tough non-stick coating. So each time you make Quesadillas you don’t have to worry about food getting stick to the cooking surface. This makes cleaning an easy-breezy ride.

The unit features press and seal lock lines that let the stuffing stay inside for perfectly filled and evenly cooked pocketed food. The quesadilla maker has six deep-dish pockets allowing you to make heavily stuffed quesadillas with just a snap of a finger. The disk pockets are big enough and can even hold burrito-sized tortillas easily and efficiently.

With dimensions of 13.62 x 13.39 x 6.3 inches, the product weighs no more than 6.29 pounds. It’s lightweight and easy to move around anywhere in the house. Cherry red exteriors match with modern interiors of your kitchen or dining hall. The unit offers vertical storage and fits even in the smallest kitchen spaces. Power on/ready indicator right offers smooth operations. The slip-resistant grip offers safe and secure cooking.

The device boasts easy cord storage. No more tangled cords. No more cords coming in the way of your cooking. You can even control the length of the cord while using the appliance.

This tiny little quesadilla maker is a powerhouse of cooking. It’s easy to use, offers easy cleaning, is durable, and most importantly easy on the pockets too. If you’re a quesadilla lover like me and want to enjoy home-cooked quesadillas, there isn’t anything that stops you from buying it.

Pros and Cons

  • Apartment approved, no charcoal or propane needed
  • Nonstick coating provides easy cooking and cleaning
  • 10-inch circular cooking surface with 6 deep dish pockets offer enough room to hold all your favorite fillings
  • Slip-resistant grip
  • Quick and prepares food in less than 5 minutes

The product has some issues with the handle breaking down and the small lip that latches to the bottom to close the unit breaking down with use. But these issues are tackled by the super efficient customer support service. So any time you land up with an issue related to manufacturing or operations, you just dial the customer service number – 1-800-947-3745 and get your issue resolved. Their support team is available to assist you: Monday-Friday | 7:30a.m. to 6:00p.m. – Central Time

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