KENWOOD KM080AT Cooking Chef Machine, Large Silver Review

KENWOOD KM080AT Cooking Chef Machine, Large Silver Review

Kenwood Cooking Chef is that machine that solves all your food preparation needs. It helps save a lot of time in the kitchen from mixing to blending, stirring, food processing, and cooking. It’s a jack of all trades.

The machine is excellent for both pastry and savory recipes. Therefore, it is the best for you if looking for a kitchen gadget that’ll help you prepare healthy and fresh meals for your family.

European Designed Motor

Kenwood Cooking Chef is powered by a powerful European-designed motor that helps deliver more torque for heavy dough. It can power through any task hence highly effective.

The motor has dual ventilation points that allow hot air to escape. As a result, the motor is prevented from overheating.

Electronic Speed Control

The machine boasts an electronic speed control that allows all ingredients to incorporate and later mix them at high speeds. The control helps to keep everything in the mixing bowl and not scattered on your countertop.

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4 Attachment Hubs

Kenwood Cooking Chef has 4 attachment hubs with different speeds. This allows you to customize the machine with a variety of optional and included attachments.

Incorporated Safety Features

To ensure that you work safely when using this machine, the manufactures designed it with multiple safety features. Some of the features include outlet covers and the interlocking head that provide an extra layer of safety in the kitchen.



With Kenwood Cooking Chef, you get to choose the speed you’re comfortable working with. It offers 3 stirring speeds and 8 mixing speeds for convenience. This machine boasts the pulse and fold functions for the added versatility and control as if that’s not enough.

Accurate Temperature Control

Kenwood KM080AT Cooking Chef Machine, Large, Silver records accurate temperatures. You can set it to the temperature of your choice from 70 – 285 degrees F, depending on the recipe you’re working with.


Digital Timer

When cooking with this kitchen machine, you don’t have to babysit it. All you should do is set the timer and come back to a ready meal after a while. The timer is easy to use and read.

You can set the timer for up to 3 hours.

Large 7 Quarts Bowl

The cooking chef comes with a large 6.7 L bowl with a generous 3.1 quarts cooking capacity. With it, you can prepare enough meals for your friends and family.

5 Stainless Steel Bowl Tools

The machine includes 5 stainless steel quality bowls, including a power whisk, k-beater, dough hook. Stirring tool and a flexible beater. Each of these stools is perfectly designed for high-performance mixing.

The tools deliver the best results with any recipes.



This kitchen machine comes with a steamer basket that fits nicely inside the bowl, turning it into a steamer. You can therefore steam vegetables, fresh fish, and meat on the counter.

It also comes with a ThermoResist glass blender that helps blend ingredients with ease.

A food processor with 6 stainless steel slicing and shredding discs and a chopping blade makes Kenwood Cooking Chef the ultimate kitchen machine.


It comes with a recipe book to help you have fun with new recipes. The recipes are easy to follow and understand, hence a big win for you.

5 Year warranty

This machine boasts a 5 years limited warranty. The warranty assures you of the high-quality nature of this fantastic kitchen accessory.


Product Summary

Kenwood Cooking Chef should be your go-to kitchen machine whenever you want to prepare meals for your family. It will help you make all sorts of food and enable you to try new recipes, thanks to the free recipe book it comes with.

The machine is a jack of all trades, easy and safe to use, reliable and durable. It comes with everything pictured to help you prepare meals for your loved ones effortlessly.

The fact that this kitchen machine features an induction cooking element leaves with no choice but to give it a rating of 4.6.


Thanks to its suitable attachments, it is a multipurpose machine, comes with detailed instructions of use, and a good cookbook.


It has a very small food processor

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