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Parents have always had the battle of trying to get their kids enjoy healthy and balanced food. Children are attracted towards unhealthy options at supermarkets, with their pals, and via advertisements on TELEVISION. It is a difficult task for many of you to try to convince our kids that they must consume healthy alternatives, especially when you have a fussy child.

It’s even harder for parents to prepare something healthy that children enjoy eating. A healthy and balanced dessert delight would be the best option to offer your kids. Dessert are tasty and a surprise after a well balanced meal. Now…the question is how you can make the after meal sweet dish a little healthier? The key is to identify your child’s favorite dessert dish and then through your imagination and creativity transform the dish to a healthy and balanced dessert recipe that your kids would love and enjoy.

So.. today, we are discussing some of the most reliable recipes for a healthy and balanced dessert treat for kids that you can’t save from their naughty hands.

Kids love chocolates. So, we can try out something healthy and tasty with chocolates. I am sure any dish that can be made out using either white or brown chocolate would certainly please even the most pickiest kid. So, if your kid is a chocolate lover, they would certainly like a brownie sundae. It looks like typical dessert that might not potentially be healthy and balanced, but then if you are determined to transform the typical recipe of brownie sundae to a healthy dessert treat, you can. This recipe can be made healthy and balanced by making your own brownie recipe using a less sweetened ice cream and a fat-less topping. Surprisingly, your kids won’t realize that you have made the dish using low-sugar ice cream and fat-free whipped cream.

One more simply adorable healthy and balanced brownie recipe is a Fudgy Cherry Brownie. You can totally avoid any vegetable shortening or butter in this recipe by replacing them with mashed avocado.

Now lets try something with fruits. If your kid loves eating fruits or even if he doesn’t, dessert prepared using fruits is a wonderful way to get your kid eat something healthier. Besides being rich in nutrients and vitamins, fruits are wonderful source of natural sugar, and if you are making a fruit dessert, you don’t need to add any top-up refined sugar in the dish.

Though you can get all the healthy kids’ friendly recipes on net, still I would love to discuss some of my favorite fruit dessert recipes that my kid really love to enjoy even though he is not an innocent fruit lover.

Stuffed Fruit or Pop Up Bananas: A Stuffed Fruit is where you merely select your kid’s favorite fruit, normally a pear or an apple, scoop out the center of the fruit making a small cavity, and stuff the cavity with chocolate chip honey stuffing or marshmallows, or you can try various sorts of other stuffing that are delicious as well as healthy for your kids.

Making Pop Up Bananas is really easy and quick way of making something healthy yet tasty that your kids would love to enjoy and even the grownups can’t resist themselves from being tempted towards this awesome looking yummilicious treat. All you need to do is to merely peel the banana cut it into 2 halves and then dip each half in melted chocolate or any other favorite dip and then refrigerate them. To make it more tempting, you can even place them on a popsicle stick just before putting in the refrigerator, so your kids can eat them like a popsicle.

If your kids don’t like eating simple pancakes and waffles, you can make them more interesting by topping these simple dishes with low-sugar chocolate syrup, maple syrup, or honey, and then loading them with all sort of berries, cherries, and nuts including almonds, pistachios, and walnuts. Being rich in proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, and dietary fiber, nuts offer various healthy benefits for your kids. Nuts are power packed with disease-fighting vitamins and minerals and help strengthen your child’s immune system as well.

If your kid is fond of candies, you can even make fruit candies at home. Try making frosted grapes just to begin with. All you require is to shake up some Jello mix and grapes together in a Ziploc bag, and freeze them in the freezer. The produce will be grapes tasting like Sour Patch Kids candies. You would be amazed to see that your kids wont even realize that their are all the healthy benefits of grapes hidden in these frozen candies.

There are several other ways and recipes that you can try in your own kitchen and can make many more healthy and balanced dessert treats for your kids without letting them realize that these desserts are power packed with all the healthy ingredients. And, while they enjoy the taste of these healthy sweet delights, you just pat your back and smile on your achievement.

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