LEM Products 1088A MaxVac Vacuum Sealer Review

Is your frozen turkey breast or chicken wings show signs of freezer burn or don’t taste the way they should. Are you cursing your deep freezer for the tastelessness? If yes, it’s time to get a vacuum sealer home.

LEM Products 1088A MaxVac Vacuum Sealer Review

Vacuum sealers are devices that help protect your frozen food supply from freezer burns while sealing in all the nutrients of your fish, meat, fruits, and vegetables keeping the original taste and texture intact. via Amazon

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LEM Products 1088A MaxVac Vacuum Sealer is one such modern-age vacuum sealing device that works both automatically as well as manually

Key Features:
The vacuum sealer accepts bags up to 14-inches wide with ¼ inch heat strip. The device boasts a removable 6 feet cord for convenient end-user experience and neat storage. The device comes with vented front and rear panels and a 28-hg piston pump.

The piston pump of the vacuum sealer is governed by an auto sensor that guides the pump to shut off automatically once full vacuum is achieved. Once done, the lid of the device releases automatically, and your vacuum sealed food package is ready to be popped into the freezer.

The device is well-built for robust usage and can work for up to 10 hours continuously. The vacuum sealer comes with an unprecedented 2 year warranty and to customer’s delight the box does contain 20 seal-able bags, 10 each Quart and 10 each gallon with tear notch.

The manual vacuum control function and the solid stainless steel construction of the device make the vacuum sealer an ideal sealing device both for domestic as well as commercial use. The weighted lid ensures hands-free vacuum sealing by removing all the air and sealing up the bag automatically. Besides frozen food protection, the device is versatile and works as a marinator offering quick marination and prevents oxidation of jewelry pieces and ornaments. And, at the end, the vacuum sealer features an accessory port for external hose connection for convenient usage.

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