Foodsaver FSFSSL3485-001 Vacuum Sealer Review

Pros & Cons:
Increases the shelf life of food by 5 times. 3 different vacuum settings: delicate, moist/dry, and rapid marination modes. Quick and easy, saves time and money. Prevents freezer burns. Use the vacuum sealer to package individual portions of food. Vacuum sealing is most effective when sealing just one piece of meat or small amounts of produce rather than trying to cram many portions into a single bag. When comparing the prices of different vacuum sealers, also look at the price of additional storage bags or containers.

Foodsaver has captured a good market share, in manufacturing compact and well designed vacuum sealers for domestic users, from its counterparts. FSFSSL3485-001 is one in the range of these vacuum sealing devices launched by Foodsaver.

The key feature of the device is to keep the food fresh for comparatively longer period of times and increasing the shelf life of food by 5 times, without any change in taste, texture, and appearance, and surprisingly, with no freezer burns at all. Just place the food either meat, fruits, vegetables, sea food, or even dry cereals, nuts, and herbs in the foodsaver plastic bags or canisters and vacuum sealed it with the help of Foodsaver FSFSSL3485-001 Vacuum Sealer, and it is ready to be stored safely in the refrigerator or in the deep freezer. No leathery or wrinkled appearance of frozen food.

Being equipped with 3 different type of food settings: Delicate Food Setting, Auto Moist/Dry Food Detection, and Rapid Marination Mode, the Foodsaver FSFSSL3485-001 Vacuum Sealer offers a hassle free, quick, and easy operation. The device is ideal for marination purposes as you can quickly and easily marinate your meat and fish with the help of accessory hose for better and tastier results. All you need to do is to just apply dry marinade in the form of powdered spices or meat tenderizer, place it into the marinator box, and vacuum sealed it with the help of an accessory hose. Oxygen removal during vacuum sealing causes the pores of the meat get opened allowing the marinade to be absorbed in more quickly and evenly offering you a tastier produce after cooking. Surprisingly, the food will marinate in just 30 minutes instead of taking 4 to 5 hours.

Besides vacuum sealing the food bags, the device can also serves many other purposes like protecting your valuable jewellery from oxidation, keeping your important documents secure, as well as help storing your toiletries in vacuum sealed bags to prevent any leakage during traveling. You can even vacuum sealed your silver and brass cutlery to maintain its shine and luster lifelong. The device comes with a 5 year limited warranty to cover damages under certain conditions.

A great little device that unimaginably extends the shelf life of various food products be it meat, poultry, fruits, vegetable, dry cereals, lentils, or herbs by removing air and creating a vacuum around the packaged food. Not only this, you can keep your valuables safe and secure and maintain the original glimmer and shimmer of your cutlery and jewellary while storing them in vaccum sealed bags. The device is reasonably priced and what more to except when it comes with a limited warranty of 5 long years. For the most part, Foodsaver FSFSSL3485-001 Vacuum Sealer is fairly a cost effective product to invest on.

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