Westinghouse WCM14110SS 1100 Watt Counter Top Microwave Oven Review

Microwave oven is considered to be one of the most efficient kitchen appliances of modern-age kitchens. Performing the 3 basic functions of cooking, reheating, and baking, microwave oven is the center of all cooking needs. Modern-age microwaves besides performing the basic functions are equipped with progressive features to help cater the needs of any kitchen enthusiast, an amateur cook, or a cooking expert.

Westinghouse WCM14110SS 1100 Watt Counter Top Microwave Oven

Westinghouse WCM14110SS is one such modern-age highly progressive microwave oven that comes with some advanced features such as 10 cooking power levels, auto-weight defrost, and minute plus functions besides working as a reheating, cooking, and baking device. via Amazon

Microwave ovens are considered to be small cooking units ideally suitable for 1 to 2 individuals but with 1.4 cubic feet of cooking capacity Westinghouse cooks large amounts of food for family and friends in a single cooking cycle. No need of doing multiple batches, now you can reheat your dinner casserole at once for the potluck party. All you need is to just pop the casserole in the microwave and your device will do the rest.

Key Features:
Stainless steel look with easy-to-read green LED digital display including the clock as well as the timer provide a wonderful end-user experience. With 1100 watts of high cooking power and 10 cooking power levels the device works just as you like.

Not only this, the device comes with 5-one touch quick menu options including Popcorn, Melt, Soften, Cook, and Reheat. Be it defrosting your frozen meal to have a quick lunch or dinner or to soften up the butter for your morning toasts, all is taken care by just a touch of a button. With convenient auto-weight defrost; the device gives you the flexibility of thawing the frozen uncooked meat or even a full turkey breast at the spur-of-the moment.

With dimensions of 19.3 x 19.3 x 12.2 inches and weight of not more than 42.5 pounds, the device can be easily accommodated on the kitchen countertop and accentuates the look of your modern kitchen with its sleek stainless steel finish.

The microwave oven is unique and is in a class that Westinghouse boasts in all of its appliances. The device boasts some of the extraordinary features, but the one that I admired the most is the Minute plus function that allows me to cook anything at full power for a complete one minute and that too with just a swipe of a button. Besides this, 5-menu options, 10 cooking power levels, child-proof locking, and extra-large cooking capacity make this device an incomparable option for all my cooking needs.

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