Black & Decker GD2011B Review

Pros & Cons: * Inexpensive and does the job well. * Hidden power Indicator, small drip tray and unshielded rear edge. This is a cool family size griddle weighing just about 5.2 pounds. It is 12 inches high, with a width of 22 inches and a depth of about 36 inches. Its source of heat is electricity. It is electric shock tested and guaranteed to be safe. There are notable key features with this product. It has a wide cooking area that provides ample space to hold up to 8 servings at once. The cooking surface has a non-stick layer allowing food to cook well without sticking and easy release. It also has a removable drip tray for easy clean up. The drip tray is designed to be dish washer safe. The product comes with an easy adjustable thermostatic temperature control which ranges from warm to about 400 degrees for all your cooking needs. It has a warming tray that allows you to keep the food warm until it is served. The product has an immersible design that allows you to clean it after use.

Due to the large cooking area, one is sure to spend the least amount of time preparing meals for different individuals. It also gives independence from technical assistance since it is not complex. It is very efficient with maximum performance, Eco-friendly and energy saving. It can also be installed anywhere without causing any disturbance. It is cost efficient with repairs costing less than the average utilities. It is made using high quality materials which are all up to standard. The griddle can be used for dry heat cooking or shallow frying without worrying about the fat and grease. The heat is evenly distributed allowing the meals to cook evenly throughout entire cooking session. It comes with a safe electric cable that is of reasonable length. It can be used for domestic or commercial purposes in outside caterings or even offices. It can be moved around comfortably because of its light weight and blends in due to its stylish design. In general, the GD2011B black & Decker griddle is a perfect choice for someone with a tight budget. It does not compromise on style and performance. They are easily available in all leading home appliance shops. You can also purchase them online with delivery done to your home. They come with a warranty and guide lines on how to use the appliance. Online purchase sites confirm a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product in two months time.

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