Pros & Cons: *Compact Storage,Consistency,Delicious Bread, Easy To Clean, Easy To Use, Simple Settings, Affordable price, Attractive, Occupies less kitchen space, Easy to transport, it has many control keys for variety of breads. *The product has less or no disadvantages, except for the obvious and universal all appliances cons. The machine does not have an automatic ingredients add in, therefore you have to manually add them.

Breadman TR520 is an electrical household appliance used in bread making. It is a perfect time saver and ensures that you get that tasty homemade bread just as you like it. In return, you can always have the taste of your choice and fresh bread every morning just as you wish. I love the smell of bakery in my kitchen every morning and the reduction of hustle as provided by this product. The machine has a digital control panel, a warming cycle, delay timer and timer, programmable menu options and an ingredient add-in’ signal. It also contains a measuring spoon and a cup, a removable kneading paddle and of course, a user manual.

The plastic exterior of the product enhances insulation. It has a locking lid, a cool touch exterior and an Auto shut-off. These features enhance security while handling the machine during and after the baking process. It can make up to two breads within an hour, offers a whole day (24 hours) delay timer and ten minutes pause controls. The product has a plastic exterior with a semi-gloss color finish (white). It only weighs two pounds, therefore does not use so much of your kitchen space. It contains a non-stick baking pan, which ensures a simple hand wash. It offers an LCD display with eight functions used to make a variety of dough and bread. Its lid is removable. You can monitor the baking of the bread through the viewing window without opening up the lid. The machine measures 13-1.5 by 13-1.5 inches. It has a thirteen-hour delay timer and a paddle comes attached to the electrical cord. It has a limited warranty of twelve months. This is an amazing product, which every home would wish to have. The features are wonderful, it will clearly reduce morning hustles and provide a healthier world for you, and your family, as well as delicious variety of fresh breads every morning, and whenever required. I would give it a Five out of Five rating ASAP.

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