Broil King PCG-10 Review

Pros & Cons: *Its size is desirable because it allows you to cook your meals faster than other griddles in the market. Its sturdy construction is highly desirable because it can be depended on to cook your meals for many years. *The griddle is expensive especially when compared to other griddles in the market that have similar or more features but cost les. Its large size makes storage problematic especially where you have limited counter space.

This is an electric griddle that you can use to cook your bacon, pancakes, hamburgers and numerous other fried foods. It is big in size, which allows you to cook large meals quickly especially where you have a large family or are expecting guests in your home Its cooking heat can be adjusted to 425 degrees, which allows you to cook your meals fast. The cooking surface of this appliance is made of heavy cast aluminum, which distributes heat evenly with minimal temperature fluctuations. The cooking surface is made of non-stick, which makes cleaning easy and prevents your food from sticking to it while cooking.

It is intuitively designed with a removable splash guard to protect you from splattering oil from the foods you are frying. It has a cooking surface that you can tilt using its rear legs. This feature comes in handy when you need to drain off excess oil into its removable drip tray. You are, therefore, assured that your meals will be healthy and that, cleaning the Broil King PCG-10 will be easy. Safety is also guaranteed by its stainless steel handles that do not get hot when the appliance is in use. The griddle is entirely submersible when you separate it from its heat control. This is desirable because you can put it in a dishwasher that can accommodate its size. This appliance maintains its temperature properly when you have preheated it and will not present you with cold spot problems unlike other devices in the market. The griddle measures 12.5 by 29 by 5.5 inches, which make it ideal for a large counter space. The manufacturer offers a 2 year warranty. This is instructive of its durability, quality and the manufacturer’s confidence that the griddle will offer you flawless cooking. It weighs 14 pounds, which is desirable given the fact that it is made of sturdy material. It is charcoal grey in color, which makes it a sleek addition to your cooking appliances. The griddle comes with a user’s manual to guide you on its assembly, use and dis assembly. The most reasonable rating for this appliance on a five point scale is five. This is due to its desirable features that you cannot find in other griddles in the market. It is a product that will give you quality service and value for money due to its dependability, effectiveness and sheer size.

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