Breville BJS600XL Review

Pros & Cons: *Juice making is easier with this machine.• With advanced features like reverse direction control, safe start system and overload protection system, the device is safe for use.• The machine does not create annoying noise during operation •Cleaning this juice extracting machine is not difficult. *Slow operation time.

This masticating juicer is a highly powerful juice extracting machine that helps the consumers extract the maximum amount of juice from the vegetables and soft fruits. Unlike a centrifugal juicer, a Breville BJS600XL crushes and squashes a fruit or vegetable but does not shred them. The juice extraction process of this device maximizes the amount of nutrients extracted, producing a glass of yummy, smooth and frothy juice. The juicer is good at juicing wheat-grass, berries and similar soft fruits. Harder fruits and vegetables like carrot and apples can also be juiced using the Breville masticating juicer. The product is equipped with: • Food hopper and lid • Filter basket with auto purification system • Feed chute • Juicing bowl • Pulp holder • Juice jug

• Filter Basket with Auto Purification System: 1-2 cup of water needs to be poured into the feed chute while the juicer is operating. This will ensure easy cleaning of the device without dismantling the parts. • Ultra Quiet 240-watt Motor: The machine operates without creating the irritating noise produced by many juicers during their operation. It ensures low speed juice extraction of juice with no heat transfer. • Directional Control: Directional Control: If parts of fruit of vegetable get truck within the juicing screw, the directional control helps you reverse the direction of the screw so that the food stuck in it gets dislodged easily. The juicer comes with a filter brush and a cleaning brush. Here are a few specifications about the item: • Product Dimensions: 8.6 x 7.4 x 16.3 inches • Product Weight: 14 pounds• Warranty: One year limited warranty • Shipping Weight: 21 pounds This device is the perfect juicer for those who are yearning to refresh themselves with a glass of thick and frothy home-made juice. It squeezes to produce thicker and smoother juice full of nutrients and fibre. The consumer can add everything from cucumber and berries to carrots and apples. The fruits and veggies need to be cut in small pieces and they should be placed within the machine for juice extraction.

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