Chef’s Choice 830B WafflePro Review

Pros & Cons: When deciding for yourself on this WafflePro one of the biggest pros for me are the 90 seconds or less cook time. The lighted beep when the waffles are done is the other big pro for me. I am always running around trying to do three or four things at breakfast this is fast and it tells me when it is done, so no more burnt waffles. If I had to give this one a con if would have to be that it was made in China. I know most everything is made there anymore, but I would really like to see more USA made products. It would help the economy and morale of the country. Chef's Choice 830B WafflePro Classic Belgian Waffle Maker is easy to use and quick, making wonderful, lightly browned waffles in only 90 seconds. It wipes clean with ease and even stores upright in a slim position, saving you cabinet space. What more could you want? This waffle maker gives you deep pockets, to make thick waffles, yet in only 90 seconds. I mean 90 seconds or less? What could be better than that, we are all looking to save time on school day breakfasts. It also come with a quad baking system, this allows you to select the color and texture of the waffles, but being quad is allows you to adjust the color and texture of each quarter of waffle. Not only does the quad allow you to select each of the four quadrants separately, it give you four options, texture, color, aroma and flavor. The color selection gives you the choice from light golden to deep brown, and anything between. You can also choose to make thinner crisper waffles, which are great for after school snacks, Believe it or not you aren't limited to just waffle batter, give it a try with brownie batter, the kids will be excited.

Additional features of this waffle maker are the wonderful non-stick surface. Oil it down once before you use it and that's it. It is so simple to clean as well, just a damp cloth along the plates and through the over fill channel, you're done. Wasn't that easy? Anything that saves me cleaning time is even more of a good thing in my house. Now you can sit it up on it's side and slide into a small space in a cabinet, saving space for other much needed appliances. The WafflePro comes in a modern stainless steel color, this way it fits in any decor. It measures a generous 8 1/2 inches by 9 1/2 inches by 3 inches. It also comes with a one year warranty. While moderate in price, this Waffle maker gives you more bang for your buck. It's lightweight, easy to clean and storage. It gives you plenty of control on making the waffles just the way you like them best. On a product ease of use scale from 1 to 5, I would definitely give this one a 5!

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