Frigidaire FFBC46F5LS Review

Pros & Cons: - Its temperature is consistent and it keeps all beverages perfectly chilled. - It is not noisy; it makes a soft swishing sound. - Its stainless steel construction is very stylish. - It has been designed with a beeper alert if the door is left open for too long, so you don’t forget to close it. - Even though the shelves are adjustable it just doesn’t accommodate certain bottles. The Frigidaire FFBC46F5LS is a free standing, stainless steel, under the counter beverage center. This mini refrigerator is a great choice for all your refreshment needs at parties, with 4.6 cubic feet of internal storage it can hold up to 138 bottles and 150 cans and keep them ice cold. The storage capacity in this beverage refrigerator is so high that you won’t have to worry about running out of drinks the next time you have friends over. You can save yourself the trouble of rummaging through this drink’s cooler to find what you want because it has a glass front that lets you see inside and pick your drink even before you open the door. This door is also reversible which means it can be installed to open either on the left or right side and not only is the glass tinted it is also UV protected. Aside from its glass door it also has three glass shelves which are adjustable, quite sturdy and easy to remove and clean. There is also a digital control panel from which you can view and regulate its internal temperature between 33-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

As it is made of stainless steel it does not come in any other colors other than the original metal finish. It uses 120 volts of power and is 34 inches in height, 21.5 inches in width and 22.375 inches in internal depth. In total the entire machine weighs a mere 94 pounds and has been designed for a frost free performance. Frigidaire did not forget to include a bright internal light so that you can see what is inside clearly, they also included an alert system which beeps when the temperature reaches its highest level or rises above the temperature you had set. There is also a locking mechanism which includes a pop-out key which you can keep on you. At a price of less than $500 this cooler is definitely worth it because it serves it purpose by keeping beverages cold, what’s also great is that even though it is quite small it has a high capacity, a full fridge can last you the entire day. This machine has been well received by customers who are very satisfied with its look and performance, taking this into account along with our own observation we would rate this cooler a 3.5 out of 5.

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