Newair 126-Can Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler Review

 NewAir AB-1200 126-Can Beverage Cooler

Pros & Cons: It runs very quiet, and the back light allows you to view inside it without opening up the door. It also is more attractive than a typical dorm fridge, and the price is right. Furthermore, if you have a bunch of people camping out in the same room as a fridge – such as what happens during a slumber party – you can turn off the interior light. Everyone can get more sleep that way. However, it unfortunately only comes in black, and it slopes just slightly from front to back. This might limit some people who would prefer it in a different color and planned for a specific height. It’s more ideal for people who prefer an informal versus formal furniture room display. However, it still provides plenty of interior decorating options for the most creative people. It seems to run well, too. However, what is most important is how cold it keeps all your beverages. It keeps them just warm enough to sip without having to swallow slush, yet they still stay ice-cold.

The Newair 126-Can Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler provides the room you need for your beverages without having to empty out your regular refrigerator. It holds up to 126 cans or at least a few dozen bottles. You can set it up to use the room inside however you want.

It has 7 thermostat settings and 5 removable racks. Furthermore, it has an automatic defrost system that prevents ice build-up. You can keep soda, beer, iced tea and other drinks to a chilling 34 degrees if you want. Furthermore, you can use the extra storage space to fit oversized bottles and cartons. You can arrange the space in a way that most serves your purpose – take out only a few of the shelves or take them all out if necessary.

It can fit just about anywhere, and you probably can use the top of it as a place to set snacks, napkins or any other item related to entertaining. Ideally, you could find a corner of a family room or dining room to place it. Any location in a rec room or man case also would work. This black cooler blends well with just about any modern decoration scheme.

The product dimensions are as follows: 19 x 18.2 x 33.1 inches. Actual weight is 62.8 pounds, but it the shipping weight is 66 pounds. It also has an LED interior lighting system and see-through door. The materials are quite durable, too. This unit should last a long time. However, the manufacturer offers only a limited warranty. Therefore, you might want to purchase additional coverage just in case you need to fix it.

The Newair 126-Can Stainless Steel Beverage Cooler shortens the trip from the party area to the beverage stock. Therefore, you don’t have to hoard warm cans in their lap because you’re afraid to lose your seat during a sporting event or movie. It provides all the convenience a group of people need when having a good time. Furthermore, it makes a host’s job easier. No one has to walk very far to grab a new drink. Moreover, the host/hostess of the party can attend to more important duties and enjoy his/her own party more.

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