How to Make a Cake Healthy

Convenience food has taken control of the dinner and also treat tables, not only kids but adults also love to indulge on fast food options when it comes to eating something cheesy. The problem is that these convenience food choices contain calories, fat, as well as preservatives, that are not at all healthy for any individual, either kids or adults.


It is really necessary that one should aware about what he or she eats in order to have a happy healthy life. Indulging on pizzas and burgers once in a while is fine but if you are a total fast food freak, it’s high time to control your burning desires of having unlimited stocks of these unhealthy food choices. People must actually stop consuming a lot fast food, and should turn to much healthier alternatives like healthy cakes. ¬†guiltfreedesserts

There are various ways through which you can enjoy healthy baking and tantalize your taste buds with these healthy baked goodies without any guilt. Yes, you read correct, healthy cakes, a cake could be healthier if you make it at home with all healthy and natural ingredients utilized in your baking. When you bake the cake on your own, you regulate what components you use, so you could make it less in calories and high in nutrients.

If you are on the spree of baking, why not try it with some healthy ingredients including honey or molasses in place of refined sugar. You can even have the option of utilizing the sugar content of various fruits including bananas, apples, pears, berries, and so on. What I personally do is I use a lots of fresh figs for sweetness as I just love the taste and texture of baked figs. As far as butter or any vegetable shortening is concerned, you can use low fat yogurt or cream or even try baking a cake with margarine.

Be a little creative and selective with the choice of ingredients, and you will be amazed to notice how healthy baking transforms the idea of resorting on desserts and fast food options into a completely new trend of enjoying baked goodies without any feeling of repent. There are various recipes for healthy cake, for instance, a delightfully delicious gingerbread cake made with molasses. You can check various online resources and book publications to have an idea of ingredient selection as well as substituting any ingredient with your choice of healthy ingredient.  thedessertangel

Home-made cakes are preservative free and you can make them fat-free and sugar-free depending on your desire. A single serving of home-made cake will certainly have less calories and no chemicals as compared to a commercially baked cake!

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