Kuvings B6000S Review

Pros & Cons: Elegant and modern design looks awesome on your kitchen table or Serving area. Does a great job too. This one is a great slow speed mastication juicer for you. It is based on cold press concept making it less noisy to operate and saving all nutrients in your serving. Focus on Health, Nutrition and ease of use no doubt make this product worth it. Priced high for the featured and benefits it brings to you.

The Kuvings B6000S is innovative wide 3” mouth, slow speed masticating juicer. It allows comfortable whole fruits and vegetables feed into the juicer. This device is patented for its unique slow masticating technology in 50 countries.

This juicer helps you avoid cutting fruits and diluting to retain best nutrient value. It contains a sturdy and long ULTEM screw that easily cuts fruits and vegetables gradually avoiding oxidation and loss. The upgraded motor operates at 50-60 RPM which is considered optimal for best juice conversion.The 240 watt motor is specially designed and manufactured by Kuvings to ensure less vibration, noise and fresh juice.

Kuvings B6000S comes with patented easy rotary cleaning tool for cleanliness and hygiene. Comes with an easy fitting non drip cap allowing easy mixing and rinsing. It is designed for safety (2 Step safety design) 3 vent holes and long hopper.

All the assembly material including Juicing Bowl, Pulp Cup and Juice cup are Eastman Tritan TM which come approved from FDA and NSF. The Screw and strainer are made of Ultem which is semi transparent and eco-freindly advanced material. Other features include a special recipe book and a blank strainer. There is a option of a smoothie strainer which is sold separately.

Kuvings B6000S is a true Innovation in tune with times, there is a considerable thought and effort that has gone in learning from the past and really evolving the core function of making juice in best way possible from Fruits and Vegetables. It doesn’t just end on Juicing aspect. It is also ensured that all the material used for Juicing is food grade and ecofreindly (particularly safe for kids). This appliance is no doubt a great innovative module utilizing the latest advancements in technology. You would make right choice to buy this kind of product without any rambling.

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