MaxiMatic EPM-200B Elite Popcorn Popper

 MaxiMatic EPM-200B Elite Deluxe Popcorn Popper Machine

Pros & Cons:
A great pushcart plus tabletop popcorn popper that lets you and your guests enjoy fresh popcorn throughout the party with keep warm feature. Great popping capacity with 8 oz stainless steel kettle. Great-looking easy-to-use popping machine. The machine wasn’t too hard to clean except for one issue of smaller popcorns getting stuck in the channel at the bottom of the glass sides, but these can be cleaned with the help of an old toothbrush.

Maximatic EPM-200B is a vintage style pushcart popcorn trolley which can either be used as a pushcart at your outdoor lawn parties or as a tabletop popcorn popper for your indoor social gatherings.

The MaxiMatic EPM-200B Elite Deluxe Pushcart Popcorn Popper with its generous 8 oz popping kettle can make up to 3 gallons of popcorn in one go and in just 5 minutes, a huge hit among kids’ celebration parties as well.

The popper is equipped with an unbelievable keep warm feature that keeps the popcorn warm and fresh till the end of your party. The assembly and usage of the machine is so easy that it takes just 20 minutes to get it together and ready to pop your first batch of corn kernels. The buttons on the top of the machine make operation a convenient experience which you would love to enjoy.

The machine stands at 5 feet tall with dimensions of 21.2 x 39 x 18.2 inches ; and weight of 58.3 pounds. The stunning black finish with 155’’ silver wheels and tempered glass windows and plexi-glass door make it a piece of attraction at every party. The inside storage cabinet is great to store salts, butter, scoops, and other flavorings. The MaxiMatic EPM-200B Elite Deluxe Popcorn Popper Machine is also equipped with a silver electroplated handrail and serving platform for easy usage and convenient serving

The MaxiMatic EPM-200B Elite Deluxe Popcorn Popper is astonishing in appearance and on the other hand well-built and sturdy enough for rough use. All parts of the machine are constructed well keeping the elegance and design in mind. With 2 in 1 feature of pushcart and tabletop inbuilt, the popper is great for outdoor parties, home theater, or gaming room, anywhere you feel like. Pops well with minimum wastage of the corn kernels and gives you amazingly tasty buttery popcorn consistently and quickly with no mess at all. Cleaning is also not at all bad as the popping kettle can be easily detachable and cleaned under water. So, don’t wait for the movie night, bring the popper home and enjoy right away.

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