Mr Freeze EIM-550 Ice Cream Maker Review

Mr. Freeze, a fictional villain of American comic series Batman has combated several times against Batman in comics as well as movies. Dressed in his ice suit, he portrayed the character of an evil enemy in Batman fiction series.


Pros & Cons:
Fully automatic compressor based ice cream making machine. Suitable for making frozen yogurt, drinks, sherbets and various other frozen desserts (recipe booklet included). 60-minute timer control and easy viewing window for safe and secure operations. Easy to use and clean. If you are new to ice cream making, go through the instruction manual thoroughly and try to understand the whole process fully before attempting your first try.

Freezeā€™s crime basically involves freezing everyone, so as the Mr Freeze EIM-550 Ice Cream Maker which freezes any sort of ingredients and exhibits an ultimately unbelievable similarity between fiction and reality, but here it is a hero rather than a villain

Equipped with a compressor freezing technology, this 1.5 qt capacity ice cream machine boasts the feature of a dynamic mixing paddle that effectively blends the ingredients resulting in the creamier texture ever.

Besides making delightfully delicious ice creams, Mr Freeze EIM-550 Ice Cream Maker works equally well in making frozen yogurt, sherbet, drinks, and so more. This fully automatic ice cream maker is provided with a 60-minute timer control and equipped with an easy viewing window for safe and smooth end-user experience.

With dimensions of 16.8 x 14 x 12.5 inches and weight of not more than 22 pounds, the unit is lightweight and handy and can be easily placed on a tabletop or a kitchen countertop for easy usage. Ingredient spout, transparent lid, and bowl all are easily detachable for convenient serving and easy cleaning. Moreover, the device comes along with an easy to understand instruction booklet and recipe guide to help you get started instantly with your ice cream maker.

As far as ice cream making is concerned, the Mr Freeze EIM-550 Ice Cream Maker[/easyazon_link] does the job pretty well resulting in a creamy as well as scoopable produce. Always make sure that the temperature of your cream mixture is below 40 degrees F and is thick like a sauce so that it coats a spoon evenly when dipped in to get a creamy textured soft ice cream. If you want hard frozen scoopable ice cream, freeze the ice cream for a minimum of 2 hours after churning to get the desired textured scoopable icy delight.

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