OptiGrill T-fall GC702D53 Review

Pros & Cons: The cooking controls are great and easy to operate. Do not place over-sized food items that you want tender and well done. Stick to standard generally accepted size of slices, burgers, or meat.

OptiGrill GC702D53 is a 1800 watt, Silver, indoor electric Grill it’s futuristically designed and promises to keep out the guess work from Grilling. It is designed to truly give you independence in the sense that you can actually look at other things while the griller works after setup. It has very simple controls, prominent light indicator, and a beep function to update you of job done. This griller is sensor based and decides grilling cycles based on program selected and thickness of food.

It gives you 6 cooking programs to fit all your cooking needs from Burger, Fish, Poultry, and Sausage to Read meat and even sandwiches. Sensor cooking adapts to the thickness of food, Gives you easy options of cooking rare to well done. It also has frozen food function where in you don’t have to worry about defrosting food before grilling, This machine actually does both the tasks at one place.

The OptiGrill GC702D53 comes with a drip tray that is well designed to collect extra fat and oil. The remarkable thing is that while this device helps you lower consumption of oil it retains the taste and texture like a restaurant finish.

The Device has a angled floating handle providing you a firm and comfortable grip for easy handling and all sizes of food. Housing is brushed stainless steel and the plates are removable and dishwasher safe. 1800-watt operation is powerful and ensures wide range of cooking. Dimensions are 14 x 13 x 6 inches and weighs 11.6 pounds The plates are die cast aluminum with non stick coating. Package includes a Optigrill Recipe book and 1 year limited warranty.

OptiGrill GC702D53 is a real deal, Well designed with innovative features including the angular drip tray, Sensor based cooking, Preset programs based on food and 1800 watts to ensure performance. The Grill actually performs on the specs mentioned and it really automates cooking leaving out lot of guesswork. You cannot pack a better punch!

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