Samsung 1.4 cubic feet Counter Top Grill Microwave Review

 Samsung 1.4 cubic feet Counter Top Grill Microwave ReviewMicrowave cooking is the best example of convenience cooking. Microwaves nowadays are much more than mere reheating devices. Equipped with grilling and convection features with number of auto-cook menu options, microwaves have become one of the essential small kitchen appliances in contemporary kitchens.

Pros & Cons:
A device that combines the traditional microwave heating with grilling. The microwave works on combi mode (microwave + grill) for perfectly cooked and crispier results. Auto-cook menu options give the freedom of cooking anything from popcorn to fish to chicken with just a push of a button. Perfectly grills sandwiches, fish, and crispy pizza with an in-built grilling feature. The only con is that the mirrored door won’t allow you to peep through the door while the cooking is under progress.

Samsung 1.4 Cubic Feet Counter Top Grill Microwave is a modern age small kitchen appliance with all the conventional features of a microwave and serves as a griller as well.

This 1.4 cubic feet countertop microwave is elegantly built with bright stunning exteriors. The easy to use LCD display and push button control panel offer smooth and convenient operations. Being equipped with auto-cook menu options, meal preparations are more fun with perfectly cooked result each time.

Besides serving the purpose of heating and reheating the food, the microwave comes with a grilling element and a ceramic plate for making sandwiches, grilling fish, chicken, and reheating pizza for crispier edges and soft melt in the mouth centers. With 950 watts of power and 10 power levels, the microwave efficiently performs all the tasks with just a push of a button.

With dimensions of 18.1 x 21.9 x 12.3 inches and weight of not more than 42 pounds, this handy device is perfectly designed for countertop placement. Stainless steel exteriors give a sophisticated look to the device that blends easily with any sort of modern age kitchen theme while scratch-resistant ceramic interiors offer durability and make cleaning easier.

The microwave works like a champ in my kitchen. Besides cooking and reheating, Samsung 1.4 cubic feet Counter Top Grill Microwave grills sandwiches, bacon, fish, chicken, and even reheat meat patties and pizza for crispy exteriors. Sturdy tough finish with easy control and convenient after-use cleaning definitely make this microwave a centerpiece of all your cooking needs. The microwave does not come with the convection oven feature in-built, and one need to have a separate appliance for baking needs. It would be nice to have a convection oven and one can get a microwave oven at pretty cheaper rate but with the features and quality that Samsung offer are what that have helped this model outperform its counterparts by a very large margin.

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